Let’s Share a Few Laughs

Because These Days, If You Can’t Laugh, You Might Cry Instead

The Sword Disguised as Pen

The art of the political or editorial cartoon is a fine and long-standing tradition. It has been a mainstay of American politics since our founding days. This art form actually predates this country by a long time. It seems that the ability to make fun of the high and mighty is a cherished tradition going back centuries.

We have been dealing with some pretty grim circumstances of late. And that was before the pandemic! Today, we will take a break and enjoy some of the better cartoons I have seen in recent weeks. As such productions should, these really made me laugh, made me think about the ironies of life, made me a little angry, and left me feeling thoughtful. Not bad for one little drawing.

Enjoy! Let us know of any of these that you especially liked (or disliked). I think these speak volumes. They are in no special order.























Let’s end with a little music. 


1 reply to Let’s Share a Few Laughs

  1. Thanks for the smiles, smirks and loud flat belly laughs that won’t stop!!!

    My stomach is flat. The l is just silent.

    Sue Walton

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