The Democrats Win! Now What?

What Happens Next? How Might NOV 4 Look Different from NOV 3?

Let’s Think Ahead

November 2020 is right around the corner to those preparing for the elections, but it is also a long way away. It is a long way away in the sense that a LOT can happen between now and then. If the Democrats win most or all the contests, they need serious thought about the opposition.

Such a win is by no means a done deal. Some outcomes could have the Democrats winning the presidency and holding the House. They might take the Senate (that is a stretch, but possible). They might also do well at the state and local level. What if they do all that? How do they interact with the remaining Republicans?

Much will depend on the actual wins and the margins, of course. But just for conjecture, let’s suppose the Democrats win a clean sweep at the federal level. How they deal with Republicans could redefine American politics for years to come. Or not. Choices will need to be made. I hope and assume would-be leaders are having conversations about this now.

Which Path?

The Republican old guard made fatal errors that led to the election of Donald Trump and the ascendency of a hard right-wing. That right-wing had little in common with traditional Republican values. They did this to themselves. In the process, they corrupted a once important institution. Newly empowered Democrats have an opportunity to help get things right.

One could not blame the Democrats for saying, in effect: “Screw you people. You ruined our government and darn near ruined our country. You set us back overseas in a thousand different ways. Your time is done. Stay out of the way while we try to make this right.”

As I said, understandable, and justified. But might one consider another option? What if the message was something like the following? At one time, the Republican party was a respected institution. It was a competitive partner with the Democrats in governing. But a generation of so-called leaders squandered all that. They do not deserve the support of Republicans going forward. If you select new leadership committed to governance and national unity, we welcome you. We welcome you to cooperate with us. We welcome you to compete in the arenas of ideas and policy. This country has been well served by a two-party system; let’s work together to bring that back.

If, on the other hand, you choose to revalidate the same old leaders, know what that means. Choose Mitch McConnel, Kevin McCarthy, Lyndsey Graham, and their fellows? Then you will have made it clear that you have no interest in serving the nation. These are not people we can nor will work with going forward. We will take note if that is your choice and wait for another day to offer you a meaningful role in America’s future. The rank and file need to choose your path.

Who Will Be The Leaders Will Tell The Tale

Whether the Democrats could send that message depends on the election. It depends on who comes out as the leader of the party. Which Democrat could sell that message internally and deliver it externally? That might be a major consideration in choosing a Democratic candidate. Note that this message would ring true with Independents as well. Whether the Republicans would be ready to enter such a new day depends on who they elect. Anyone indictable as a Trumpster should not have a place at the table. Their own party, and the country, deserve better than that.

Time for accountability. Time for a new path for this country.

Bill Clontz, Founder, Agents of Reason      Bill Clontz

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2 replies to The Democrats Win! Now What?

  1. Win or lose the Democrats must listen to Republicans and bounce on those things where there is agreement. That’s a tall order but someone needs to be “the adult in the room.”

    • Could not agree more, Dave. Unless we like permanent civil war, we need to find common ground when we can with those willing to also reach out.

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