Two Short Observations on Two Big Deals

You’ve Heard Plenty About the VP Debate and Our Infected President – Let’s Cut to the Chase


1) The VP Debate

Who won? That fly. It got the most press, most of it favorable.
Followed closely by Pence’s mysteriously red, runny eye.

Other than that, Harris did the better job on several counts. But unlike a lot of folks, I think it was mostly a draw. Both of them got out the messages they felt needed to be delivered. Pence hurt himself with the constant interruptions (these folks really are determined to lose every last female voter, it would seem). Both of them did not answer some important questions.

Harris had more presence and energy. She showed command of the facts (except overstating manufacturing job losses, I believe). For those who have not watched her before, she likely came off as reassuring and credible. She even seemed joyful to be in the fight. She could easily be seen as the VP.

The setting for this one was a lot better. Having everyone seated works. I am not comfortable that there was enough virus protection. The Pence delegation breathed the same recirculated air as the others there. This one should have been virtual, given the timelines of potential exposure.

The Art of Moderating

We need a school for moderators. Page tried, but not enough. Hard to believe the time each candidate had come out about even. Pence’s continuous interruptions were annoying. He simply outlasted Page’s objections and continued on in almost every instance. She should have called him out.

Page said it was a debate, not an interview. Call it what you will, but there were times both candidates simply did not address the question posed. Page failed us in not calling that out.

If we are going to continue having such debates, we need real rules and tougher moderators. Perhaps the moderators should be professors or historians, not journalists. We need moderators unworried about not getting future interviews from a candidate.

2) The Wandering, Erratic Orange Source of Infection

Trump’s conduct since going into Walter Reid and returning prematurely has been erratic and bombastic, even for him. Lots of not casual speculation that some of this may be a side effect of one of his medications.

His reckless exposure of others on his Sunday joy ride, early return to the White House and the Oval Office are callous, cruel. They are a further wound to his failing campaign. People pretty much across the board are disgusted, rightly so. Add to that that they were not even going to contact trace. Only a week later they are maybe doing a halfway job of it (too late, now). This is nothing short of criminal negligence.

And now Trump refuses the virtual debate next week. Likely an excuse. To top it off, he is going to hold a live rally at the same time – what an image that will be. Disappointing that the Commission will not continue the planned debate without Trump. Here’s hoping they move the town hall format to the last debate. We have seen these two in a regular debate. Let’s do the town hall, if we do one at all. I bet a beer Trump will bail on the last one as well.

Is It All Over?

Absolutely not. The voter turnout is already phenomenal. In the last election at this point about 75,000 absentee ballots had been submitted. Today we are approaching 5,000,000 and rising rapidly. This may be the highest turnout in our history. Be afraid, Donald – be very afraid.

It looks good for the Democrats all the way down the ticket, but 3 weeks is forever. Unless something terrible comes up on Biden, he is looking strong. Still, I am increasingly concerned over Republican efforts to misuse the courts and executive powers where they have it to steal a victory. They are unlikely to succeed, but vigilance is the watchword.

Encourage everyone you know, and I mean everyone, to get out and vote, as early as possible.

       Bill Clontz

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  1. Your comments about the moderators is so right-on! There are many experts in the business world who could do this job, and that could make debates worth watching.

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