Leadership Right Under Our Noses, Just When We Need It

Often Lost in Media Coverage in Normal Times, Governors Actually Run Things

Consider Governors

Several recent presidents have been governors: Carter, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush II. Even so, governors often get short shrift in media and in public attention. We tend to gravitate toward Washington personalities. This is an understandable, if oftentimes shortsighted, approach to picking our national leaders.

Washington personalities have the natural advantage of being in a global media capital. At some level, Washington based individuals also often deal in foreign policy and foreign crises. These yield valuable experience for a potential president.

Pillars for a Better America: The Final Chapter

A Series on Priorities for the Biden Administration

Joe Biden and company start work at noon tomorrow. Not that they have been idle in the runup. This is a team that is ready to hit the ground running. Good thing. There is so much to be done.  As this blog mentioned last week, pay attention – history is unrolling before us, in very big and unpredictable ways. Dramatic and dangerous times are ahead.

Pillars for a Better America – Pillars 19-21

Today’s entries complete the Pillars list. It certainly is not all inclusive, nor is it in any priority – all of it is Category A priority.

It Was the Best of Days, It Was the Worst of Days

From the Miracle in Georgia to the Travesty in the Capitol

Tuesday Night – Wednesday Night

Well, we certainly saw the best of America and the worst of it within 24 hours, didn’t we? It was a lot to absorb either event. Having both within about 24 hours induced political and emotional whip lash. So much to celebrate, so much to mourn. So much to learn.


What a shame. This spectacular political wizardry was quickly eclipsed by the obscenity on the Capitol. For this trulywas a spectacular act of political will, skill, and determination.

The Pick of the Litter for 2020 – Useful for 2021, Too

You and I Shared 141 (!) Blogs This Year – Here are My Favorites (and maybe yours, too)

The Tradition of the Year End Review

Many writers and publishers do a Best of the Year publication at the end of every year. It’s a normal response to the turning of the calendar page into a new year. I have often suspected they did this to save the work of writing yet one more blog on the day the review is published. Having done this a couple of times now, I know better. It’s more work than one might expect going through your own work with an eye toward grading the outcomes.

Pay No Attention to the Little Man Behind the Curtain

Are Republicans Finally Starting to Figure This Out?


 The Short-Term Risk to the Country in Trump’s Intransigence

Much has been highlighted by others about the dangers of a delayed or blocked transition. The three highest risks are:

(1) Poor coordination and execution at the start of the COVID inoculations.

(2) The risk of the new Administration facing a surprise foreign crisis, that could have been forewarned.

(3) Someone deciding to launch such a crisis specifically because the seams are visible in our national leadership.

By the way,

Let Us Reflect Upon Snakes and Heroes, Progress and Challenge

In So Many Ways, This Felt Like an Election Suitable for 2020. What Next?


Are We Having Fun Yet? Is It Over Yet?

One may be forgiven for asking either or both of these questions about the 2020 elections. At various times in recent weeks, the answer to the first question for many of us has been “Not YET!”, followed by “Yeah! – Sort Of!” For the second question, mercifully, it seems about over. But Trump has over 70 days of potential mischief to play around with and some races are close, so don’t relax yet.

Trump Damaged So Much. These May be the Two Worst

One Domestic, One International “Legacy” That We Will Cost Us for Many Years


In case you missed it yesterday, Happy Constitution Day. September 17 is the day we celebrate the ratification of our constitution by the delegates assembled in Philadelphia in 1782. A timely reminder, given what follows in this blog today. Would that more of us read the thing.

If We Were Making a List…

Were we to write out a list of everything Trump has done that has harmed this country, we would be here for a very long time.

So, There Was This Other Convention

It Was an Interesting Experience, If Not Altogether Surprising


Why Would Someone Watch That Thing?

I committed early on to watch the entire Republican convention. As it turned out, that was only a 1-day affair. They closed out their business on Monday by unanimously (shocking!) nominating Trump and Pence. While they were thinking about it, they decided they did not need a platform. They just stand for whatever Donald wants on a given day. And so, they adjourned. The following 3 evenings of TV were basically an ad.

So, a lot of people asked why I bothered to watch all this.

So, What About This Post Office Mess?

  1. Yeah, Its Bad. But the Side Effects are Really —  Interesting

A lot has been written about what is happening to the postal service and the potential effect on the election. Let’s see if we can drill down to what we know and what can be done.

Did We See This Coming?

Well, yeah – sort of. The alarm bells have been sounding for several months about the underfunding of the USPS. Just to refresh our memory, the main financial issue is a really weird pension system funding requirement imposed years ago that is unlike anything any other entity has to finance.

A Road Trip Through America and Profiles on Unaffiliated Voters


Two Different Studies Paint an Interesting Picture of America

I. Something New, Something Old

 I read an interesting, and rather upbeat, article this week by two writers who spent several months and over 20,000 miles of travel talking to Americans. These two fellows came from different starting points. One is a conservative, the other liberal. Part of the purpose of their journey was to see if each could come to a better understanding of the other’s perspective. I will tell you up front, that they largely succeeded in that goal. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2020/08/06/americans-more-united-than-our-political-rhetoric-indicates-column/3297493001/

They still disagreed on a lot but came to understand why they differed and found some room to respect the other viewpoint.