About Bill Clontz

Bill Clontz, Founder, Agents of ReasonWho Is This Guy?

Like many of you, I worry about where our country and our planet are headed. On any given day I find myself thinking, “Really? Is this the best we can be?”

Unlike many of you, I have had the great advantage of already living longer than I might have expected, especially given my earlier profession as a combat arms solider; life has granted me a deep and broad range of experience that I hope can be helpful as we navigate our future.

I have lived all over the United States and overseas. I have at least visited and gotten to know people on every continent (except Antarctica — working on that one). I have worked in the military, government, in the private sector, and with nonprofits. I have directed organizations as small as a half-dozen members and as large as a couple of thousand and have been a follower across an equally diverse group of organizations.

Along the way through all this, I have taken notes and paid attention as to what seems to work for individuals, leaders, and groups. I intend to bring that background to bear in Agents of Reason. And I want to do the same with your experiences and perspectives.

Let’s learn from each other, shall we? We certainly have work to do as we move through the 21st Century. Where we are now should not be satisfactory to anyone. I think we are up to it; time will tell.

Bill Clontz