Safe, Secure, Trustworthy Voting – It Is Here for the Taking

Three States Show Us How It Is Done – Russians Be Damned!

We Know What Works

We have talked before about how Washington and Oregon have responsive, secure, and low-cost voting systems. This happened because Democrats and Republicans decided this was important. They worked together to make it happen. Voter turnout  is unimaginably higher than in other states. Stacey Abrams is continuing that effort in Georgia and nationwide, as are others.

Add to that list of states doing it right, Colorado, a state whose 2018 elections were models of effectiveness in every measurable area.

It’s One Day AFTER Voting. Time to Go a Better Way.

What Was Old is New Again. We Have Better Way to Confront our Voting Challenges.


Well, it’s the morning after the election. We all need a bit of time to process what went down, so more on that in our next edition. In the meantime, let’s take a good look at how we vote in this country.

Not all that long ago, when voting machines came to be the norm in much of the country, I was on board. Digital/optical scanners and electronic tabulations were the way to go.

Welcome Home, America: Observations of a Voting Site Volunteer


Spend Some Time at a Polling Place. You Will See Much to Feel Good About.

For several elections, we  turned our home into a campaign house. From late Summer through election day we rearranged the entire house. We set up distribution of canvasser materials and training areas. We established reporting stations and break area for returning canvassers. While it was a crazy set up to live in the midst of, we found it a very satisfying contribution to democracy.

But we are not doing a campaign house this year. Instead, I am at early voting sites,

Covid-19: Three Non-medical Problems to Solve


We Have The Tools. Two Problems Could Be Solved Easily. The Last One – Not So Much

The  COVID-19 national crisis is one bad news story after another, as we all recognize. But the situation contains two problems that could be easily solved. We need only the will to do so.

Corruption Writ Large

The first of these is illustrated by the financial scandal around Senator Richard Burr and others. They apparently used insider information from official briefings for personal gain. They sold massive amounts of stock.

Everyone Looks Better Walking Out the Door

Four Valuable Lessons Going Forward from Super Tuesday


Well, it is possible that America has seen more political changes in so short a time at some other period. But from Saturday night in South Carolina through Super Tuesday and a couple of days more, this beats anything I have ever seen. Even the Talking Heads on TV were reluctant to commit to anything. They feared they may be proven wrong in the next 30 minutes.

Lots of things to reflect on, for sure. And the drama is far from over. We have some big,

Enough Pundits for A While- Let Us Reflect

Today is Super Tuesday. So much is on the Line. You Don’t Need More Opinion


By the time today ends, more than a dozen states will have had their primaries. More than one-third of the delegates for the national conventions will have been allocated. It’s a turn the corner day.

Let us hope for a good run for our better angels.

Given all that, it occurs to me that the last thing any of us need today, including you, dear reader, is yet another advice/opinion column. So, today I offer only my best wishes to all and encouragement to be thoughtful if today is the day you vote.

The Democrats See 3 Doors Ahead. Maybe 5! Which to Choose?



The Media Has Some Doors of Its Own to Choose, Too.

You might recall that a few weeks ago, I noted that what seemed like an interminable primary process would soon hurdle forward at great speed. Buckle your seatbelts. Here we are.

Things are happening pretty fast now. There is much talk about momentum, at least some of which seems overblown. But by the end of the first week of March, a lot will be settled. That is less than two weeks away.

What Door to Walk Through?

Well, THAT Was a Different Debate

What Changed? What Did We Learn?

We Who are About to Die Salute You

The 9th Democratic Presidential Debate held in Las Vegas was quite different. It had a manageable number of candidates (six), so more time for direct candidates’ cross talk. Mike Bloomberg had his first round in such a forum. The knives were out pretty much all around. So much for playing nicely with each other.

For a minute there, I thought I was watching a replay of a Sharks vs Jets scene from West Side Story. And over it all, the omnipresent shadow of the clock – we are in the stage wherein things begin moving quickly.

And Then There is Joe

The Former Vice President Holds a Lead, but its Tenuous. Is He “The One?”


Joe Biden has been a major presence in this campaign, from the beginning – even before he declared his candidacy. Once he did declare, he went immediately to the top of the polls. He still leads in most polls. Slam dunk, right? Not so fast, there.

Yea, Joe

Biden is seen by a lot of Americans as the most electable candidate, the most likely to beat Trump. A lot of people are comfortable with him as a person.

Guns and Health Care: Touchstones or Third Rails?


Yes, They Are

Some interesting currents are afoot as we approach a presidential election year. The Democrats have choices to make on two defining issues. Guns and health care are at once rewarding and dangerous for Democrats

Whether one agrees with her positions on these two issues, Elizabeth Warren has done an admirable job of defining the question. Will her party go bold or go home?

There are plenty of nuances at work, of course. But in general, there are two Democratic approaches. Some lean toward modest positions. They do so,