Good News – Part II

10 More Observations of People, Institutions, or Things to Celebrate

Continuing Our Relentless Pursuit of Good Stuff

A couple of weeks ago, this blog listed a number of good news stories that seemed to me were not getting enough attention, or at least were getting lost in all the doom and gloom we sometimes generate. I mentioned then there were other good news items that made that list but did not want to make the blog too long.

Today, the rest of that list. Admittedly an arbitrary list, not complete and in no special order.

Favorite Reads That Stand the Test of Time

A Good Time of Year to Revisit Old Friends in Print

 Looking for Gifts? Thinking New Years Resolutions? These Reads Could Help

 I had occasion recently to check back in on a book I read long ago. It was like catching up with an old friend. This, in turn, led me to reflect on what other books I have read over the years that are worthy of rereading or at least perusing a bit to refresh my memory of what I learned from these writings and to reflect on why I liked them so much.

A Close-Up Look at Music from the Other Side

We Have All Enjoyed Concerts from the Audience. What’s It Like from the Stage?

Today, a short break from politics and social issues. You’re welcome.

Music in Life, and in Asheville

As I have noted in an earlier posting some years ago, I have a pretty eclectic music taste. I like a lot of different types of music. Were you to look at the play list on my phone, you would find everything from classical symphonies, to jazz, to mountain music, to Gregorian chants, to classic rock – and about everything in between.

But the sweet spot for me has always been classical symphonic music.

The “What Makes You Feel Good” Parade – Part II

More of the Good Stuff – A Bit Deeper

Now, Where Were We?

We started this conversation back in March with a short list of things that make one feel good. The plan is to divide that list into three levels – the easy everyday stuff, which was titled The Light Stuff. You may recall that my Light Stuff list included an eclectic but not unusual mix. It included:

  • A perfect baguette
  • A walk in the woods
  • Time in a hardware store
  • A really good cheese platter
  • Being up early enough to wait for the sun
  • Serious red wine
  • Being in a baseball park before the game

Many of you wrote to concur with parts of that list,

Money, Politics, Electronics, and the Courts

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

What’s Up?

Today we take a short look at four subjects very much in the headlines these days. Some connect to each other in obvious ways, others are more stand-alone. All have our attention of late.


This one is actually a good mix of financial matters and politics – the national debt. This is being written about five days before you read it, as I will be on travel for several days, so it is possible the logjam on the debt will break before you read this. I would be delighted if this segment of today’s blog was out of date and the problem resolved.

Sometimes the Cover is Better Than the Original

A Short Tour of Some Captivating Music

First, A Note About Me and Music

This might help you understand why I selected the versions of popular music selected for today’s discussion. As I mentioned in a blog a couple of years ago, I find that I like just about all types of music, from all around the world and through the ages. The playlist on my phone would blow your mind.

I find music a remarkably powerful thing – something with great artistic and social power. Something to sooth the soul or to be used for political purposes.  

Down the Rabbit Hole, Through the Briar Patch, We Have Crossed the Rubicon into the Brave New World

Enough Metaphors in One Title? Trust me – They All Fit This Discussion

What in the World are We Talking About?

Artificial Intelligence – AI. This thing has been with us for some time now but on several fronts, new ground is being broken at very important levels. I have no intention to try discussing all of the aspects in this topic – I probably would need some AI help to do that. Today we are going to briefly look at two AI phenomena that are hot topics in many quarters today. This is AI that can write creatively and AI that can create art.

Turning the Page

No, This is Not About Politics or Philosophy; It’s About Music (Mostly…)

What May Seem Small Can Count a Great Deal

I have attended two classical music concerts in recent days and watched one on Youtube. All three reminded me that seemingly small contributions can have great value and are worthy of our attention.

In this case, I speak of the humble Page-Turner (that is the actual title of such an individual), the individual who stands next to a performer playing an instrument, turning the page on the sheet music at the right moment.

The Power and Pleasure of Music

Three Recent Examples Bring the Lessons Home Delightfully

What Is it About Music?

Music seems to almost magic in its power to motivate, activate, sooth, and inspire the human creature (and other creatures, too; more on that later). You get this observation from someone who does not play any instrument nor knows how to read music. Well, I did have a short musical interlude. I had an impromptu kazoo band that showed up uninvited at Pentagon ceremonies when I worked there. And I once attended a dulcimer workshop. At the end of that first session, the instructor and I agreed my future was in the audience.

Disconnect to Reconnect

We All Need Time and Space to Chill Out. Here are a Couple of My Favorites

Why We Need to Sleep, Dream, and Chill Out

The picture with today’s post is of our beloved lab Lizzie. That girl knew how to relax!

In truth, we don’t know exactly why we need sleep or why we dream, but the evidence is compelling that these states of being have something to do with our ability to recharge and refresh. The same appears to be true for pretty well all creatures, not just humans.

I submit that as important as these things may be,