How Bad is This Ransomware Thing? Worse Than You Ever Imagined.

Fortunately, We Finally Have an Administration Who Gets It


Who is Doing This?

It appears three groups are doing the dirty deed.

One is plain old-fashioned criminals, out to make a buck whenever and wherever they can. These groups are truly international now, as well as domestic. The sad reality is that this sort of crime in not all that hard to carry out and it is hard to stop or trace (more on that later). Suffice it to say there is an abundance of low-life types getting into this arena.

This Blog Began Because of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

How NOT to Solve a Problem – And Lessons for the Rest of Us


Why Comment on This Now?

Goodness knows, everyone has a column about the conflict in recent days, but I felt compelled to add my two cents worth for a number of reasons. This has major moral, political, and security implications for a lot of people, including us. And lessons to be learned, if we will.

I visited Israel and Lebanon some years ago. I came back more depressed and worried than when I arrived. What I saw,

A Little Alphabet Soup

Two M’s + one N Spell Some Interesting Conclusions

Today We Wander a Bit

Three unconnected thoughts seemed to fill my head over the last few days and so I thought I might share them with you. Let’s talk about Two M’s (Mechanics and Morality) and a single N (Nunes). Here we go.

 M for Mechanics

 Like much of America, I have been interested in the discussion about Senate mechanics, especially but not exclusively the filibuster. It seems pretty clear that throughout our history,

How About Some Really Good Reading?

I Have Been Reading Some Great Stuff. Allow Me to Share.


The State of Writing in America

I am pleased to report that, at least from my perspective, there is some really fine writing going on in this country. I have a short list of recent work that I have been thoroughly enjoying.

Note I said enjoying, present tense. I find that I tend to slow up when I find exemplary writing. I like to kind of roll around in the luxury of stories well told or facts well analyzed.

Thinking About Defense in the Biden Administration

Every New Administration Relooks the Defense Posture. This is Not Easy


What a New Administration Needs to Do, Up Front

Any new administration, but especially this one, post Trump, need to relook everything. It is all important and it is all seems time sensitive. But arguably, none is more complex, expensive, or high risk than the defense posture.

A long history and recent events both reinforce that dilemma. Much of what any administration has to work with is legacy, with long lead times and extensive logistics tails. New threats are constantly arising,

Impeachment, Part II

This Time, It’s Personal

Once More, with Feeling

Well, here we are again. Didn’t we just do this, last year? Lots of speculation is abounding about the Senate trial that starts today. This may all seem depressingly familiar, but there are some important differences to point out. One or more of them could affect outcomes.

What is Different This Time?

  1. This is Trump’s second impeachment, an historical first. In fact, there have only been four presidential impeachments in all of American history. Trump owns half of them. So much winning!
  2. The House Impeachment Managers apparently are putting together a powerful audio-visual presentation.

The Country is On a Hopeful New Path, But…

But Serious Danger Runs Deep and Wide – This Will Not Go Away on Its Own


A Country Divided? It’s Worse Than We Feared

 For a long time, many of us felt that the country was not as divided as many said. The problem was so-called leaders who thrived on conflict; beyond them, people agreed on more than was apparent. I count myself among that chorus. It appears we were wrong.

If this past election taught us anything, it is that not only is the divide real, it is based in alternate realities.

“Isn’t It Time for Healing and Unity?”

No, Actually Its Not


Instant Conversions

Striking how many Republicans who just last week were talking of massive voter fraud, civil war, etc. have suddenly become peaceniks. The ghost of Rodney King must be laughing at who is now asking “Can’t we all get along?”

There is a long list of enablers, in varying degrees of culpability, but all responsible for the situation that we find ourselves in. As information gets assembled, processed, and shared, the public will become even more aware of just how bad last week was.

It Was the Best of Days, It Was the Worst of Days

From the Miracle in Georgia to the Travesty in the Capitol

Tuesday Night – Wednesday Night

Well, we certainly saw the best of America and the worst of it within 24 hours, didn’t we? It was a lot to absorb either event. Having both within about 24 hours induced political and emotional whip lash. So much to celebrate, so much to mourn. So much to learn.


What a shame. This spectacular political wizardry was quickly eclipsed by the obscenity on the Capitol. For this trulywas a spectacular act of political will, skill, and determination.

Welcome to the Shortest Blog You Likely Will Ever Receive from Agents of Reason

It All Comes Down to Today


Today is Election Day. Millions and millions of votes have already been cast. The last of them will be done early tonight. Then begins the count, the worries, the hopes. There is not much more to say at this point. Now we see what happens. More talk is wasted breath today.

Like you, I worry a lot about the machinations of the Trumpsters and their supporters. Between intimidation and administrative power or friendly judges, there are people intent on stealing this election. By this point, I expect most of them think they cannot win a fair election.