One Issue Illuminates It All

Some Issues Bring a Laser Focus On Our Politics. Here is a Big One

Déjà Vu, All Over Again

 Several years ago, I read a fascinating, if discouraging, series of articles in The Atlantic. The writer did a thorough job, literally going all around the world, to determine the cost and quality of medical care for a common medical procedure (if I remember correctly, it was a knee replacement).

In the end, he determined that were you to deliberately design the most dysfunctional system imaginable (too expensive, poor overall national health,

Politics, Technology, Middle East War, and Super Ants

Something for Everyone Today

Taylor Swift Rigs The Super Bowl!

By now, you have surely heard about the Right Wing conspiracy theories that Taylor Swift has somehow conspired to right the Super Bowl for her boyfriend’s team to win and, according to one version, she will then appear at half-time to endorse Biden.

How nuts can these people get?! It really is amazing how this mindset has established itself among a lot of people. If something happens or is pending that I don’t like, there MUST be a conspiracy to blame, no matter how outlandish it seems.

Lessons in Foreign Policy That Will be Referenced Forever

Israel’s Very Existence is Under Threat. Bad Decisions Do Not Help

Welcome to the Impossibilities of Foreign Policy

 Foreign affairs are often the most impossible endeavor in human interaction. It is a process filled with emotion and inadequate information. Personalities of leaders rise to the occasion or make it worse. One is often in conflict with allies and the necessity of working with adversaries.

Valid goals conflict with each other. Timelines are unforgiving. Risks may be high but almost impossible to measure as to likelihood. Choices are often all bad; at best, each choice carries real costs.

The Middle East – Again

The History is Ugly, The Future is Doubtful – Is This Really The Best We Can All Do?

This Terrible Situation

In every imaginable way, this is about as bad as it gets – and it will get worse.

Unspeakable violence – pure savagery, unspeakable murders were committed against Israel. Over 1300 died, including babies, handicapped, people asleep in their own beds. Thousands more were wounded. None feel secure, anywhere. Israel, meant to be a home for a people on the very edge of annihilation, suffered the worst attack and intelligence failure since the country was founded.

The House, the Middle East, & One Athlete

A Varied Mix to Ponder This Week – Much in the Balance, Everywhere

The House of Representatives

That seems an odd title of late: it’s not much of a House, and it seems to represent few of us. As if all the ongoing tensions in that small zoo where not enough, now we have a Speaker fired by 8 of his members, no clear replacement or plan to get one possibly worthy of the title, only about 30 days before the US Government goes broke, and Ukraine held hostage by a pouting few.

October is going to be an interesting month,

A Perpetual Conundrum: Immigration & Migration

How Solvable is This? Are There Wins to be Had, for Anyone?

The American Experience with Immigration

Historically and in modern times, America has been shaped in many ways by immigrants. Much of our progress, culture, and social construct comes from immigrants. After all, the ancestors of most of us were immigrants, too. I think one could make the case that so much that is good about this country comes from immigration. I acknowledge that Native Americans might take exception to that idea, and they surely have a point. But that is another conversation, for another time.

Welcome to the Rogue’s Gallery

Six “Winners” Who Merit Our Disdain

Highlighting a Few People That Are Disappointments to Civilization

As we all know, the world has at least its share of less than laudable souls walking the Earth. We might even feel that we are way over our quota of such people in recent years.

Still, even in this category of n’er-do-wells some people stand out as exceptional wastes of oxygen. Today, we call out six of them worthy of our highest scorn and our lowest esteem.

The Latest Trump Indictment Gives Us Two Such Individuals


Two Rather Different Thoughts on Memorial Day

How We View This Day Depends Greatly on What Experience We Bring To It

A Lot is Written and Spoken About Memorial Day

As well it should be. This is about as solemn a memorial service as we have for this country, and it deserves our attention. Still, as a veteran with more than a little bit of combat experience, I have always been a bit cautious about the day.

Seeing people who never served make pompous and bellicose speeches does not ring my bell. Neither do the machinations of those I think of as “professional veterans,” who seem unwilling to turn the page in life,

Three Conspiracies, Three Observations

Six Unrelated Thoughts to Share

First, the Conspiracies

We live in an era of unbridled conspiracy theories. Fanned by alienation, fed and spread by social media, they are like barnacles on the ship of society. They make it ever harder to unite as a people or to find common ground, even in finding truth.

But hey, it seems everyone has one and they have fun with them, so today – my turn. Here are three conspiracy theories that occur to me as entirely logical and at least somewhat likely. See what you think. I know,

The Ides of March are Upon Us

A Few Things to Contemplate in This Time of Warning

Beware the Ides

Most of us, even those who were not literature majors nor regular readers of Shakespeare, remember the phrase “Beware the Ides of March.” Well, that time on the calendar is almost here. Let’s look at a couple of things that are indeed worthy of our wariness.

The Havana Syndrome

A report is in from an interagency intelligence task force on the mysteries set of symptoms that have beset American diplomats and others overseas with a baffling and debilitating set of medical problems.