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Taylor Swift Rigs The Super Bowl!

By now, you have surely heard about the Right Wing conspiracy theories that Taylor Swift has somehow conspired to right the Super Bowl for her boyfriend’s team to win and, according to one version, she will then appear at half-time to endorse Biden.

How nuts can these people get?! It really is amazing how this mindset has established itself among a lot of people. If something happens or is pending that I don’t like, there MUST be a conspiracy to blame, no matter how outlandish it seems.

January 30, 2024

Politics, Science, Society – A Look Around Various Corners of America Today

How Many Types of Politicians Are There?

Bottom line, there really are only two basic types of politicians and would-be leaders, with one subset noted.Part of being a political leader is deciding what will be used to motivate people to vote for and support you. In spite of all the complexities and variances of modern life, this choice comes down to two basic approaches.

Types One and Two

Type I is to inspire, to call out our best in each other, to stress the us in USA.

Good News – Part II

10 More Observations of People, Institutions, or Things to Celebrate

Continuing Our Relentless Pursuit of Good Stuff

A couple of weeks ago, this blog listed a number of good news stories that seemed to me were not getting enough attention, or at least were getting lost in all the doom and gloom we sometimes generate. I mentioned then there were other good news items that made that list but did not want to make the blog too long.

Today, the rest of that list. Admittedly an arbitrary list, not complete and in no special order.

Good News, Here & Now      

As Promised Last Week, Signs of Progress and Possibilities

Where We Are

An awful lot of what we read in the media, and what we say to each other, calls out a sense of Doom, with a capital D. The political atmosphere seems permanently charged and forever divided There is, in fact, no shortage of seriously worrisome and frightening news out there, just waiting for us.

But hold on a minute- there is a lot of positive news to celebrate and encourage as well. Let’s remind ourselves of a few of them as we start a new year.

Today We Focus on the Letter “F”

No, Not That “F” – Other Things

Odds and Ends

Before we begin, today is Election Day in many places. If that includes where you live, hope you are doing or have done the right thing as a citizen and voted, wisely.

I have a few items in mind to share today. I was amused as I developed the list to find that something could be found in common with a very disparate listing – the letter F.  So, with that thin thread of continuity, here we go.

F is for Ford

Ford led the way in making a contract deal with the UAW.

Hey, Is Anyone Else Writing Some Good Stuff?

Yes, Indeed. Today We Share a Sample of Worthwhile Reading

A Lot of People Are Writing Well, About Important (and/or Fun) Matters

I invest more time than I probably should reading the work of other writers, particularly bloggers and columnists. Part of this is a desire to learn more, part of it is admiration of good writing. Some readings are like a hot fudge sundae – completely satisfying.

I thought you might enjoy a few of such outstanding examples that have come across my computer screen in recent days. I hope you enjoy them and learn from them as much as did I.

Martin Luther and Information Technology

The Man Left Us a Good Idea

Think Much about Information Technology?

Sure, of course you do. We all do, pretty much daily. Let us take a quick look at what has us fired up/afraid/hopeful in the world of information technology. It is an odd list of things that have long driven us nuts and some new stuff we are still trying to figure out.

We have long worried about security, ranging from loss of personal information to loosing control of our hardware. Social media is a two-headed entity, opening the world to us but also deluging us with lies and conflict.

Watch for Big Stuff Coming Soon

Be on the Lookout for Major Outcomes

What’s Up?

As always, a lot is on the horizon, much of it important. What follows is not the definitive list by any means, but the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I think about the following issues and potential outcomes. I would be major outcomes on the following items in the next 4-6 months, for better or worse.


Ukraine: The war is, unfortunately, not likely to end in this short time frame, but my sensing is that the expected Russian Spring offensive is not going to amount to much.

Down the Rabbit Hole, Through the Briar Patch, We Have Crossed the Rubicon into the Brave New World

Enough Metaphors in One Title? Trust me – They All Fit This Discussion

What in the World are We Talking About?

Artificial Intelligence – AI. This thing has been with us for some time now but on several fronts, new ground is being broken at very important levels. I have no intention to try discussing all of the aspects in this topic – I probably would need some AI help to do that. Today we are going to briefly look at two AI phenomena that are hot topics in many quarters today. This is AI that can write creatively and AI that can create art.

Let’s Start the New Year With Good News in Medicine

A Lot of Really Good News – Some Here Now, Some Almost Here – is at Our Door

Progress in Many Areas

2022 was one of those years in which it seemed medical advances, even breakthroughs, were happening regularly. Most such advances, of course, are based on years of work – the particular breakthrough just came through in the last calendar year. As promising as all these are, most still have a ways to go to become mainstream, but the potential, and the hope for people who need the help, can be breathtaking.

Let’s look briefly at 10 such advances.