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A Few Stories and Thoughts in Two Important Areas of Life Today + A Bonus


Pretty much all the poles show that immigration is a major issue for the coming presidential election, and one that hurts Biden.  Much of this is a result of fear mongering and racism fanned by Republican politicians, but honesty requires noting that there is actually something of a problem (as well as some opportunities). Reliable reporting from border communities and popular destinations like New York City make it clear that a flood of immigrants is happening at unsupportable and unsustainable rates.

Six for Today

A Range of Very Different Topics To Fill Our Basket This Week

First, A Moment to Reflect Upon Memorial Day

Yesterday was Memorial Day. This is being published a day after Memorial Day. Hope yours was a meaningful one and that you reflected at least a little on what they day means and the service members who sacrificed it all. Of all our national holidays, this is one of the  most purposeful and thoughtful. I had the opportunity to participate in a local service yesterday; it was a powerful thing to be in the midst of a large group that absolutely understood what this day honors and commemorates.

Well, That’s Good News

A Short Break from Politics for Good News in Other Sectors

I Promised a Break

We ended last week with the promise of talking about some lighter, more good news items, and so we shall this week. There certainly is no shortage of political and related news (both good and bad) but it seems healthy, every once in a while, to walk in another garden for a while. Shall we?

 The Blind Shall See

I saw an encouraging article recently in the Washington Post about several companies experimenting with a type of gene therapy called optogenetics.

A Little Science, A Little Medicine

Interesting Tidbits Found Cruising the Internet

First, Some Close to Home Technical News

 Good news and bad news!

The good news is that the mysterious failure of the COMMENTS section of this blog to accept input has been resolved. A really smart fellow who knows more than I ever will about what all goes on behind the screen resolved it and provided some other good upgrades and tune ups.

The bad news is that in the process, we somehow hit an invisible button that sent about a half-dozen of my previous posts back out to everyone.

Safety Looms Large, Presidents Gather, and Disinformation Abounds

This Week We See an Interesting Mix of Subjects in the Physical and Political Worlds

Safety First!

 Two interesting and compelling reminders about safety in transportation in recent days.

The first reminder is the sorry story about safety at Boeing. It is important to remember that commercial aviation remains one of the safest possible ways to travel, but the Boeing sage reminds us of a couple of points not to be overlooked.

First, as safe as flying can be, when you think about it, it can be dangerous when systems fail. We are packing a large group of people into a thin aluminum tube,

Today, A Smorgasbord

Not a Very Irish Way to Say We have a Mix of Topics Today

First of All – EXCUUUSE ME!

If you are inclined to make a comment on one of these blogs, which I very much encourage, you will have noted in the last couple of weeks or so that there is a comment heading, but no way to enter a comment. Two readers pointed this out to me a couple of days ago. I was unaware, just wondering why no one commented of late.

We are trying to trouble shoot this anomaly.

Hey! That’s a Good Idea!

We Should be Doing More With These Winners

Have You Ever Noticed?

Sometimes a good idea rises to the surface, gets into use, has good results, but for one reason or another does not spread as quickly or as far as might be expected. Herein are half a dozen of such ideas that I think have proven out fully that really should be much more in use everywhere. Let me know if you have an addition to such a list.


Traffic circles work like a champ. They are not very common in the USA,

Politics, Technology, Middle East War, and Super Ants

Something for Everyone Today

Taylor Swift Rigs The Super Bowl!

By now, you have surely heard about the Right Wing conspiracy theories that Taylor Swift has somehow conspired to right the Super Bowl for her boyfriend’s team to win and, according to one version, she will then appear at half-time to endorse Biden.

How nuts can these people get?! It really is amazing how this mindset has established itself among a lot of people. If something happens or is pending that I don’t like, there MUST be a conspiracy to blame, no matter how outlandish it seems.

January 30, 2024

Politics, Science, Society – A Look Around Various Corners of America Today

How Many Types of Politicians Are There?

Bottom line, there really are only two basic types of politicians and would-be leaders, with one subset noted.Part of being a political leader is deciding what will be used to motivate people to vote for and support you. In spite of all the complexities and variances of modern life, this choice comes down to two basic approaches.

Types One and Two

Type I is to inspire, to call out our best in each other, to stress the us in USA.

Good News – Part II

10 More Observations of People, Institutions, or Things to Celebrate

Continuing Our Relentless Pursuit of Good Stuff

A couple of weeks ago, this blog listed a number of good news stories that seemed to me were not getting enough attention, or at least were getting lost in all the doom and gloom we sometimes generate. I mentioned then there were other good news items that made that list but did not want to make the blog too long.

Today, the rest of that list. Admittedly an arbitrary list, not complete and in no special order.