This Blog Began Because of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

How NOT to Solve a Problem – And Lessons for the Rest of Us


Why Comment on This Now?

Goodness knows, everyone has a column about the conflict in recent days, but I felt compelled to add my two cents worth for a number of reasons. This has major moral, political, and security implications for a lot of people, including us. And lessons to be learned, if we will.

I visited Israel and Lebanon some years ago. I came back more depressed and worried than when I arrived. What I saw,

A Year Ago, We Set Out Benchmarks for a New Administration

So, How are They Measuring Up on Our To-Do List?


Our Hopes in Early 2020

We had no idea in the JAN-MAR 2020 timeframe who would be the US President by this time. We hoped it would be just about anyone except He Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken. With that hope in mind, this blog listed, over a period of the first quarter of 2020, a set of goals that we hoped a new administration would pursue. One list was of legislative goals, the other a list of political reforms.

Education in America – Part I: Public Schools, Private/Charter Schools/Home Schooling

A Two-Part Review of Lower and Higher Education in America


Education’s Unique Role in American History

Over the long term, there might be some things more important for the future of this country than education, but we would be hard pressed to make the case for what is more important. America was founded as a country of opportunity and freedom. Where we have failed to meet those goals, it is often because we have failed to provide decent education. Where we have seen inspiring examples of people rising to their full potential, education has usually been a defining factor for success.

A Little Alphabet Soup

Two M’s + one N Spell Some Interesting Conclusions

Today We Wander a Bit

Three unconnected thoughts seemed to fill my head over the last few days and so I thought I might share them with you. Let’s talk about Two M’s (Mechanics and Morality) and a single N (Nunes). Here we go.

 M for Mechanics

 Like much of America, I have been interested in the discussion about Senate mechanics, especially but not exclusively the filibuster. It seems pretty clear that throughout our history,

One Big Victory Accomplished. The Next One is Even More Important

The Covid Relief Bill is a Great Accomplishment. Voter Protection is at Least as Important

Well Done, on Several Counts

 The COVID relief legislation was a master class in legislation and political management. Many of us were concerned that Biden, so desirous of bipartisan results, would delay and weaken the package dramatically. Worse, there was fear that he would have nothing to show for that gift. We have been to this dance before.

We need not have worried. He never gave up on bipartisanship, but he did not become a hostage to it. When it was obvious that Republican so-called leaders had no interest in supporting anything and had no substantive inputs to offer,

Pillars for a Better America, Chapter 6

A Series on Priorities for the Biden Administration


It’s Primary Day in Georgia

We are all tuned into Georgia now for sure. Who could have ever foreseen this turn of events? Certainly not I. It has been quite the roller coaster. How that set of races go will determine how much will be accomplished.

Too close to call and it still feels like a pair of Hail Mary passes, but it is at least possible. I have new respect for Tracy Abrams as an organizer. What they have done in Georgia is nothing short of remarkable.

Pillars for a Better America, Chapter 5

A Series on Priorities for the Biden Administration


Happy New Year, Everyone!

It is indeed a new year, in so many ways. Let’s hope its promise measures up and we Americans measure up to our challenges and opportunities as well. Now, onward with our priorities list for the new administration.

 Pillars for a Better America – Pillars 12-13

This Pillars list will run up until inauguration week. It is not all inclusive, nor is it presented in priority order. These are all important choices for the Biden administration to tackle.

The list is a mix of domestic and international,

The Pick of the Litter for 2020 – Useful for 2021, Too

You and I Shared 141 (!) Blogs This Year – Here are My Favorites (and maybe yours, too)

The Tradition of the Year End Review

Many writers and publishers do a Best of the Year publication at the end of every year. It’s a normal response to the turning of the calendar page into a new year. I have often suspected they did this to save the work of writing yet one more blog on the day the review is published. Having done this a couple of times now, I know better. It’s more work than one might expect going through your own work with an eye toward grading the outcomes.

Pillars for a Better America, Chapter 4

A Series on Priorities for the Biden Administration

Happy Solstice, Everyone!

I hope you had the opportunity to observe the planetary conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn last night. Best such celestial show in over 800 years. And the Solstice has arrived. Every day ahead for the coming months will be brighter. This is true both astronomically and politically.

Pillars for a Better America – Pillars 10-11

As noted earlier in this Pillars for a Better America series,  the list will run up until the inauguration. It is not all inclusive, nor is it presented in priority order.

Pillars for a Better America – Chapter 3

Pillars for a Better America – Pillars 7-9


As noted earlier, the list will run up until the inauguration. It is not all inclusive, nor is it presented in priority order. It offers important choices for the new administration to tackle.

This is a mix of domestic and international, of national and regional/local. This list exists in part to address our requirements and shortfalls. It is also exists to encourage dialogue about what we want to be as a country. We need t to get things done.

What Do We Have So Far?