JANUARY 16, 2024

Today, a Little of This, A Little of That To Look Through

What’s Going On?

Lots going on currently, as the election season officially began Monday night. Trump did win over 50% of the Iowa vote and the next two candidates were almost tied, so not a two person contest going forward yet, which is unfortunate. One more candidate, the abrasive business man, ended his campaign last night. Now we will start thinking about New Hampshire, South Carolina, etc. But there is more than politics out there to think about. Let’s take a cruise and see what comes up.

Good News, Here & Now      

As Promised Last Week, Signs of Progress and Possibilities

Where We Are

An awful lot of what we read in the media, and what we say to each other, calls out a sense of Doom, with a capital D. The political atmosphere seems permanently charged and forever divided There is, in fact, no shortage of seriously worrisome and frightening news out there, just waiting for us.

But hold on a minute- there is a lot of positive news to celebrate and encourage as well. Let’s remind ourselves of a few of them as we start a new year.

Hey, Santa! You Missed Some Items on Our List – Part II

Here are Some More Things We REALLY Wanted to Find Under the Tree

Continuing our Shopping List with Santa

Last week we started a conversation about things we wished we had found under our nation’s political holiday tree. Most people agree on these items, although we may disagree on some specifics.

What follows is Part II of that list. At the end of this posting, I will include a short, summarized list of what was posted last week. Taken together these two lists would make our hearts sing – and our country better off –

Hey, Santa! You Missed Some Items on Our List – Part I

Here are a Few Items We REALLY Wanted to Find Under the Tree

A Political Wish List

While one can always find disagreements, there are a handful of political reforms that would do wonders for this country. The funny thing is that to the extent our fellow citizens have thought about these items, they agree by large margins.

Hmm, they did not make it as gifts under our tree. Maybe we try again as New Year’s resolutions? Not to make this too long a read, let’s do this as a two part exercise. Let’s see what we have to work with this week,

Favorite Reads That Stand the Test of Time

A Good Time of Year to Revisit Old Friends in Print

 Looking for Gifts? Thinking New Years Resolutions? These Reads Could Help

 I had occasion recently to check back in on a book I read long ago. It was like catching up with an old friend. This, in turn, led me to reflect on what other books I have read over the years that are worthy of rereading or at least perusing a bit to refresh my memory of what I learned from these writings and to reflect on why I liked them so much.

Tis the Season! Spending Time with People Who May Not Be Your Favorites

Seven Tips to Ease Relations

I like to joke (sort of) that one of the special things about the holidays is that many of us get to spend time with people you would not choose to hang around with were they not relatives and you were at gatherings that seem mandatory over the holidays.

So, in a modest effort to help ease the pain and tension, to minimize the risk of food fights, and to ease up on the need for aspirin and Alka-Seltzer during this holiday season, I am sharing my often used tips for such encounters.

Have a Favorite Season?

I Wonder What Our Favorites in Life Say About Us

Pick a Season

I had the pleasure last week of attending a concert built around Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. A fine choice for a concert, of course (those Italians are pretty good at this stuff). As I listened to the music, I thought, as I often do when hearing this collection, about my favorite season, and that of others.

For me, it’s Fall – no contest. No other season even comes close. The crispness, the color, that dynamic bridge that takes us away from the heat of Summer and pleasures us before the cold of Winter.

Today We Focus on the Letter “F”

No, Not That “F” – Other Things

Odds and Ends

Before we begin, today is Election Day in many places. If that includes where you live, hope you are doing or have done the right thing as a citizen and voted, wisely.

I have a few items in mind to share today. I was amused as I developed the list to find that something could be found in common with a very disparate listing – the letter F.  So, with that thin thread of continuity, here we go.

F is for Ford

Ford led the way in making a contract deal with the UAW.

Old McDonald Had a Farm…

Good Results, Inspiring Stories, Playing with Goats

 Let’s Take a Walk

I mentioned last week that I had a good news story to share with you. This is it. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the experience that generated this posting.

There is an online publication in our local area dedicated to foodies and all that feeds the foodie world. We subscribe to Edible Asheville, finding their work quite good. The real attraction is that they connect all the dots, from farm to table. There are amazing things that happen in so many places that make that terrific meal you are about to enjoy possible.

A Close-Up Look at Music from the Other Side

We Have All Enjoyed Concerts from the Audience. What’s It Like from the Stage?

Today, a short break from politics and social issues. You’re welcome.

Music in Life, and in Asheville

As I have noted in an earlier posting some years ago, I have a pretty eclectic music taste. I like a lot of different types of music. Were you to look at the play list on my phone, you would find everything from classical symphonies, to jazz, to mountain music, to Gregorian chants, to classic rock – and about everything in between.

But the sweet spot for me has always been classical symphonic music.