Welcome to the Rogue’s Gallery

Six “Winners” Who Merit Our Disdain

Highlighting a Few People That Are Disappointments to Civilization

As we all know, the world has at least its share of less than laudable souls walking the Earth. We might even feel that we are way over our quota of such people in recent years.

Still, even in this category of n’er-do-wells some people stand out as exceptional wastes of oxygen. Today, we call out six of them worthy of our highest scorn and our lowest esteem.

The Latest Trump Indictment Gives Us Two Such Individuals


June 6, 2023

A Mixed Collection Today: Celebrate Some, Worry Some

Today is D-Day

On this date in 1944, the Allies bet it all on an important event that could be the beginning of the end for the war in Europe. And so it was to be. A good date, perhaps, to reflect on what assaults and defenses we need to mount in the common interest. A few events and mindsets rise to the surface.

Some Good News to Share & Reflect Upon

How The Country is Doing: By almost any measure (economy, alliances and security,

Hey, Is Anyone Else Writing Some Good Stuff?

Yes, Indeed. Today We Share a Sample of Worthwhile Reading

A Lot of People Are Writing Well, About Important (and/or Fun) Matters

I invest more time than I probably should reading the work of other writers, particularly bloggers and columnists. Part of this is a desire to learn more, part of it is admiration of good writing. Some readings are like a hot fudge sundae – completely satisfying.

I thought you might enjoy a few of such outstanding examples that have come across my computer screen in recent days. I hope you enjoy them and learn from them as much as did I.

Money, Politics, Electronics, and the Courts

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

What’s Up?

Today we take a short look at four subjects very much in the headlines these days. Some connect to each other in obvious ways, others are more stand-alone. All have our attention of late.


This one is actually a good mix of financial matters and politics – the national debt. This is being written about five days before you read it, as I will be on travel for several days, so it is possible the logjam on the debt will break before you read this. I would be delighted if this segment of today’s blog was out of date and the problem resolved.

Three Conspiracies, Three Observations

Six Unrelated Thoughts to Share

First, the Conspiracies

We live in an era of unbridled conspiracy theories. Fanned by alienation, fed and spread by social media, they are like barnacles on the ship of society. They make it ever harder to unite as a people or to find common ground, even in finding truth.

But hey, it seems everyone has one and they have fun with them, so today – my turn. Here are three conspiracy theories that occur to me as entirely logical and at least somewhat likely. See what you think. I know,

April 11, 2023

See a Pattern Here? Will the Country?


The news has been full of some of the worst political extremism imaginable of late, by those in power, mostly at the state level. A few examples:

   – The Texas judge who decided he knows medical safety better than the FDA in ruling against a drug on “safety” grounds, even though it has a solid record of many years. I don’t think anyone buys the subterfuge – this is a veil to impose a view on abortion on everyone. Fortunately, a judge in Washington state did a counter ruling.

Martin Luther and Information Technology

The Man Left Us a Good Idea

Think Much about Information Technology?

Sure, of course you do. We all do, pretty much daily. Let us take a quick look at what has us fired up/afraid/hopeful in the world of information technology. It is an odd list of things that have long driven us nuts and some new stuff we are still trying to figure out.

We have long worried about security, ranging from loss of personal information to loosing control of our hardware. Social media is a two-headed entity, opening the world to us but also deluging us with lies and conflict.

March 28, 2023

An Assortment of News and Views of the Day

The Passing of a Founding Father

Gordon Moore, as in Moore’s Law, has died at the age of 94. Moore posited the theory, way back in the 1960’s that computer circuits would double the number of transistors in such a unit every 18 months. Many thought that was absurd and would run out of possibilities shortly.

Moore was, of course, more than right. When he wrote his idea, the best circuit around had 50 transistors. Today they have billions. And we are not done yet.

There is No Shortage of Talent and Promise

A Brief Look at Democratic Up and Comers

Good News?

I mentioned last week that we would take a look this week at some promising politicians among Democrats, looking towards 2024 and beyond. This is by no means an exhaustive list – this is simply a few that I have noticed that auger well for the country should they continue to rise in the ranks.


Let’s start at the top. It is too soon in his tenure too say for sure, But Hakim Jeffries is giving every indication of being an exceptionally solid and capable leader in the House.

The Ides of March are Upon Us

A Few Things to Contemplate in This Time of Warning

Beware the Ides

Most of us, even those who were not literature majors nor regular readers of Shakespeare, remember the phrase “Beware the Ides of March.” Well, that time on the calendar is almost here. Let’s look at a couple of things that are indeed worthy of our wariness.

The Havana Syndrome

A report is in from an interagency intelligence task force on the mysteries set of symptoms that have beset American diplomats and others overseas with a baffling and debilitating set of medical problems.