Education in America – Part II

Higher Education: Public, Private, and Community Institutions



Tell Me Again -Why are We Having This Conversation?

Education is one of those things people tend to get excited about if they have family members engaged in the education system or they hear of some scandal afoot. But otherwise, it fades in the background for many of us. That is a mistake.

Education arguably does more than almost any other element in shaping success or failure for millions of people. It is – or is not- the gateway to opportunity.

This is Not Your Father’s Infrastructure

Biden Refines the Term for the 21st Century – Republicans are “Confused”


 So Just What is Infrastructure?

Infrastructure, in the simplest use of the term, refers to the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities needed for the operation of a society or a specific enterprise. It is the hardware and structures we need to make everything work, effectively and safely.

It also tends to be something often neglected and overlooked. Infrastructure takes maintenance, updates, replacements, and creation in new elements. Fail to do these things, and your country begins to look like a Third World entity.

Welcome to Table Topics

A Quick Look at a Mix of Subjects – Have Fun!


Table Topics?

What the heck is Table Topics? Glad you asked. Many years ago, I stumbled into a Toastmasters Club. What a lucky day that was! I returned for many an enjoyable meeting – and in so doing, picked up a theme for today’s blog.

For those unfamiliar with them, Toastmasters Clubs exist all over the world, bringing together 3 groups of people: those who enjoy public speaking, those who wish to improve their public speaking abilities,

Should Washington DC be a State?

Wait Until You See the Reasons Some Think Not


A Short History of the DC Conundrum

There are lots of factors and nuances around the creation of the District of Columbia, but if I may be allowed the short version, the founders thought it important that the national capital be independent of any state, and so created DC.  There was some concern about the risk of an errant governor (Geez, seen any of those lately?) holding the capital hostage in some way.

The founders were, all in all,

A Little Alphabet Soup

Two M’s + one N Spell Some Interesting Conclusions

Today We Wander a Bit

Three unconnected thoughts seemed to fill my head over the last few days and so I thought I might share them with you. Let’s talk about Two M’s (Mechanics and Morality) and a single N (Nunes). Here we go.

 M for Mechanics

 Like much of America, I have been interested in the discussion about Senate mechanics, especially but not exclusively the filibuster. It seems pretty clear that throughout our history,

How About Some Really Good Reading?

I Have Been Reading Some Great Stuff. Allow Me to Share.


The State of Writing in America

I am pleased to report that, at least from my perspective, there is some really fine writing going on in this country. I have a short list of recent work that I have been thoroughly enjoying.

Note I said enjoying, present tense. I find that I tend to slow up when I find exemplary writing. I like to kind of roll around in the luxury of stories well told or facts well analyzed.

One Big Victory Accomplished. The Next One is Even More Important

The Covid Relief Bill is a Great Accomplishment. Voter Protection is at Least as Important

Well Done, on Several Counts

 The COVID relief legislation was a master class in legislation and political management. Many of us were concerned that Biden, so desirous of bipartisan results, would delay and weaken the package dramatically. Worse, there was fear that he would have nothing to show for that gift. We have been to this dance before.

We need not have worried. He never gave up on bipartisanship, but he did not become a hostage to it. When it was obvious that Republican so-called leaders had no interest in supporting anything and had no substantive inputs to offer,

Bipartisanship is Dead! Long Live Bipartisanship!

Redefining Bipartisanship Could Revolutionize America’s Politics

Biden’s Hope and Toolkit

If anyone believes in and can make bipartisanship work, its Joe Biden. This approach is deeply embedded in his DNA. And just for the record, he is right – as a general guideline, better to get a 90% solution with bipartisan support than a 100% solution supported only by one party.

True to his word, he has been working this from the outset. SN Collins of Maine noted last week that she has spoken with the president four times in his first month in office.

Thinking About Defense in the Biden Administration

Every New Administration Relooks the Defense Posture. This is Not Easy


What a New Administration Needs to Do, Up Front

Any new administration, but especially this one, post Trump, need to relook everything. It is all important and it is all seems time sensitive. But arguably, none is more complex, expensive, or high risk than the defense posture.

A long history and recent events both reinforce that dilemma. Much of what any administration has to work with is legacy, with long lead times and extensive logistics tails. New threats are constantly arising,

Admit It! We All Like It When a Big Guy Takes a Shot from the Little Guy

Things are Seldom Black and White, But These Felt Kind of Good

David and Goliath

There is something in us all that likes it when an improbable match comes out with the Little Guy winning. As noted in the title, always some complications and areas of gray in evidence, but here are a few examples of recent weeks that please us to hear. A couple of them are true David vs Goliath, a couple are not quite so, but at least have that mic drop flavor to them.

GameStop Anyone?

If you have even the slightest interest in market dynamics,