Elizabeth Warren? We Have Good News and Bad News

The Senator from Massachusetts Brings a Lot to the Table – Not All of It Good

A Good Early Start in Washington

I confess to having been something of an Elizabeth Warren fan for quite a while. Her performance in bringing the Consumer Protection Agency into being was nothing short of heroic. She clearly knew her stuff. She would have been a great first Director and should have been. Those about to be regulated were in mortal terror of her. When she decided to run for the US Senate, it seemed a long shot at best,

Why You Should Get Over Mayor Pete’s Youth

Buttigieg’s Judgement and Articulation Are Exceptional Enough to Deserve Consideration

No, I am not going to tell you who to vote for. You are big boys and girls – you can figure that out yourself. But for a few upcoming posts, I am going to highlight strengths some candidates may not be getting credit for. I will also point out some weaknesses in some candidates that we ignore at great peril. Let us start with the former Mayor of South Bend, IN.

What Makes Us Nervous?

I can understand people being nervous about so young a person running for President.

This is The Trump That Was Always at Risk

It’s Not Hard to Make the Case for Killing Soleimani.  Even Easier to Cite How Wrongly This Was Carried Out.

 I really wanted to talk about something other than politics today

I had a nice blog on something completely different ready to offer you. But the real world does intervene, doesn’t it? Many will be speaking out on this over the next few days, but this one is just too important to let slide, so I too am joining the parade. This is The Mother of Unintended Consequences and Poor Execution. The price will be steep in many corners.

What Did We Find Useful Last Year? Where are We Headed Next Year?

It’s the End of One Year, the Beginning of Another. What Do We See in Each Direction?

I have bad news and good news. The bad news, of a sort, is that this is a pretty long post. BUT WAIT. The good news is that it is made up of a lot of very short snippets and links. Trust me – it’s an easy read from which you can pick and choose where you may wish to linger. It’s my hope you will find some nooks and crannies you would like to revisit or think about anew.

What?! You’re Not Writing About Impeachment and the Senate?

That’s right. There is a LOT to sort out, by several key people. Let’s give it a little time.


Take a Deep Breath

Like many of you, I watched the impeachment. I listened to Republicans in Congress and watched McConnell and Graham pontificate. I reached for my computer. Boy, was I ready to vent some steam!

But a cooler head prevailed. A lot is as bad as I could ever imagine. I cannot imagine a great abdication of responsibility than McConnell has in mind. However, much is at play on so many levels.

What Happens Next in the UK with Brexit? Should We Care?

Boris Johnson got perhaps a mandate, certainly the room to maneuver. Now what?


What Happened – and Why?

Few called the sweeping win the Conservatives garnered in the UK last week. I certainly did not. A lot of time and calories will be burned figuring out why this. Remember that Brexit is not that popular in the UK. Most analysts say two things were at work. One, people are exhausted of the uncertainty; at least this gets things moving. Two, Labor had terrible leadership and a muddled message. The best thing to come out of all this is a change in leadership.

Impeachment? Sure. How Many Counts? Ah, Well, Let’s See…

How Impeachment Goes Depends to Some Degree on the Number of Charges

Where Are We?

Anyone involved in prosecutions – or impeachments – can tell you. A critical decision is determining how many charges to file and for what offenses. There are a lot of factors to consider. It is not simply a question of what offenses have been committed.

I recognize that some people are still undecided about impeaching Donald Trump. Still others are determined that it is God’s Will that he not be impeached, ever, for anything. For the rest of us,

Three Numbers Will Decide Who Is the Democratic Nominee

As Democrats Move Toward Presidential Primary Season, Watch These Three Indicators


1 – Number of Candidates

Many of us have long said that the large number of candidates is not a bad thing – up to a point. We are approaching that point and still have, by my count, 18 (!!) candidates in the field. The first round of primaries and caucuses will thin that out quite a bit. For the good of all, it would be better if most of these candidates dropped out right about now.

At this point, for many to stay in the race is a waste of effort and a distraction for the electorate.

It’s a Free-Range Friday!

An Assortment of Odds and Ends for Your Weekend Reflections

Let’s Rummage Around a Bit

I am calling this post a Free-Range exercise, in part because that sounds better than the Messy Drawer Day. I have several short items for your review today.

Pretty well all of us have “that drawer.” You know, the one that seems to collect everything. For some reason, it seems to be a kitchen drawer most often. It has odds and ends from all over the house. You can never seem to find what you are looking for in that drawer.

Think Trump Respects the Military? Think Again

No President in History Has Done So Much to Harm the Military. And Trump is Just Beginning.


Our Military

The American military is an amazing institution. It’s ability to adapt, persevere, and win is nothing short of awesome. The people who are the armed forces and their families are among the best our nation has ever been privileged to have protecting us. If you watched the impeachment hearings last week, you got a taste of the ethos. The military and civil servants who testified made us all proud to be Americans.

But a military is always a force at risk.