Observations on Occurrences of Note

The Past Week or So Left Us a Lot to Think About

Pelosi and Team Step Down

Not unexpectedly, Speaker Pelosi announced this week that she was stepping down as party leader in the House after a 20 year run. Her two key deputies did the same. A few points to highlight:

  • It was a gracious and classy speech.
  • This marks the end of what could well be the most effective Speakership ever. She has been a remarkable leader because, as is often said, she does so many things so well.

About Those Midterm Elections

It Was the Best of Times; It Was the Worst of Times…

Well, That Was Interesting

 Much still going on out of the elections and important matters yet to be decided. Still, we know some important outcomes from all this. First of all, at least two people were right – Joe Biden and me (forgive the hubris on this one).

Biden went straight to the country in hammering home two points. One, this is not a referendum on himself – it is a choice on what we do and who we are as a country.

It’s Election Day, America – Hold Your Breath, Cross Your Fingers

We Will Know Shortly What Our Fellow Citizens Have Decided About America’s Future

Well, Here We Are

I suppose at this point we are all, whatever our political persuasion, tired of hearing and saying that “This is the most important election of our time.” But once again, this one does seem to qualify.

This blog is being posted on Election Day. Many millions – a record number for midterm elections – have already voted, by absentee and through the mail. Millions more will vote today, in person. We honestly do not have much of a clue of how the election will go,

Abortion vs Forced Birth in America

Hard to Believe We Are Where We Are – But There Are Some Hopeful Signs

First, The No Surprises List

In anticipation of this Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, a number of outcomes were forecast. So far, all have come true.

  • The Trump appointees to the Court all lied when they said in their confirmation hearings that they respected precedent and considered this settled law. This revelation should have surprised absolutely no one.
  • If Alioto was to write the majority opinion, it would be poorly written. True to form, his decision is a terrible read and short on logic or legal foundations.

As The Election Approaches, People Worry About the Economy. That is Normal

Some Think the Republicans Can Manage It Better. That is Not Normal – Nor Accurate

What are the Main Issues?

There seems to be four main issues at large:

Inflation: The economic devil that threatens all, especially the middle class. Remember the early 198’s and 18% mortgages? Once out of hand, this is a tough one to beat into submission.

Fuel Prices: The first element of inflation always called out. Affects everyone. If we were further along with electric or hybrid cars and trucks, this would be less of an issue but at this moment,

Time for a Grab Bag Week

Lots of Odds and Ends in the News & in Our Heads This Week

It is That Time of Year

A lot of things man-made and natural come to the forefront this time of year, and a few extras are up front this year. Let’s take a look. The first three are inexorably linked to each other, the rest, free range.

Lack of Electoral Enthusiasm by Youth and Blacks

This promises to be one of the more unusual and more important midterm elections in many decades. Some polls and pundits indicate that enthusiasm is lower than it might be among young voters and among Black voters

I surely get it that any number of people and groups feel that not enough has been accomplished yet on their agenda priorities and for the nation’s good.

Whose Land Is This? Lessons from Ukraine, Taiwan, Israel – and the US

Almost Every Place on Earth Has Had Previous “Owners”

What Conveys Whose Land This Is? It’s Tricky Applying Modern Standards to Historical Facts

I have a difficult time thinking of any sizeable piece of ground (or waterway) on this planet that does not come with multiple, conflicting claims of whose territory this is or should be. This disagreement has long been a leading cause of human conflict from our very beginnings as an identifiable species.

In the modern era (“modern era” being what we call the present time. Amusing to think about how others will call this ancient times before too long),

Water, Water Everywhere. And Yet, Not a Drop to Spare

Nature is Kicking Our Butt Over Water, with Too Much and Not Enough. It’s Mostly Our Fault

The Term “Our Chickens Have Come to Roost” Sounds Right

I have been thinking about this posting for a few weeks. A good assortment of articles and reflections are being written about all this just now. Many are well worth your time to read, based on what I have been seeing

For our time together today, I thought we might reflect on the extreme opposites that are pounding the world and what their occurring at the same time mean for us all.

A Round of Good News in Medicine, Science, Technology – And Even Politics

Turns Out Some Good People are Doing Some Good Work

Take a Break

We do a lot about politics and governance in this space. You may have noticed that.  How about we detour a bit and look at six encouraging stories in other areas? Well, one is a political story, but it too is a bit of unexpected, good news.

Read on, enjoy, and reflect. We will get back to current events soon enough

 Let’s Get The Political Stories Out Of The Way First

 A Productive Congress! Who Knew?!

The NY Times had a most interesting article a few days ago about how surprisingly effective this Congress has been.

Clarity About the Trump Illegal Papers Caper

The Facts are Not Complicated. The Right’s Reaction is Shameful

A Short Recap of What Led to the Raid

  • Trump and team were specifically briefed before the end of that Administration about what the law required for documents security.
  • The National Archives knew from about the time Trump left office that sensitive papers had been illegally taken. They reached out early on and repeatedly to Trump to get this corrected.
  • Several months ago, officials went to the Trump compound in Florida and took back 15 boxes (!) of illegally and improperly taken papers.