1st Tuesday in November

Victory Dances, Agony, and Arrogance

Elections Around the Country Carried Valuable Lessons for All

There was quite a variety of elections held all over the country last week, for all types of offices and referenda. As is often the case, there were more than a few surprises, results not really forecast by polls and pundits.Any single election, or even a collection of voting patterns, does not necessarily translate into future electoral results. But at times they do, and I think that is the case with these votes. I noted three consistent outcomes that I expect to see repeated in 2024.

Today We Focus on the Letter “F”

No, Not That “F” – Other Things

Odds and Ends

Before we begin, today is Election Day in many places. If that includes where you live, hope you are doing or have done the right thing as a citizen and voted, wisely.

I have a few items in mind to share today. I was amused as I developed the list to find that something could be found in common with a very disparate listing – the letter F.  So, with that thin thread of continuity, here we go.

F is for Ford

Ford led the way in making a contract deal with the UAW.

Book Banning May Be The Single Worst Idea of All Time

It’s Wrong to Begin With, and Never Stops with “Just” Book Banning

Better Late Than Never

We were going to talk about this over a week ago, but the Middle East demanded a change of focus. That obscene mess is certainly not over, and we likely will come back to it again, but life does not think much of doing one thing at a time.

So, while we worry about international affairs, let’s not loose focus on key domestic issues. And book banning is pretty darn high on that list that deserves our attention and our action.

The Middle East – Again

The History is Ugly, The Future is Doubtful – Is This Really The Best We Can All Do?

This Terrible Situation

In every imaginable way, this is about as bad as it gets – and it will get worse.

Unspeakable violence – pure savagery, unspeakable murders were committed against Israel. Over 1300 died, including babies, handicapped, people asleep in their own beds. Thousands more were wounded. None feel secure, anywhere. Israel, meant to be a home for a people on the very edge of annihilation, suffered the worst attack and intelligence failure since the country was founded.

The House, the Middle East, & One Athlete

A Varied Mix to Ponder This Week – Much in the Balance, Everywhere

The House of Representatives

That seems an odd title of late: it’s not much of a House, and it seems to represent few of us. As if all the ongoing tensions in that small zoo where not enough, now we have a Speaker fired by 8 of his members, no clear replacement or plan to get one possibly worthy of the title, only about 30 days before the US Government goes broke, and Ukraine held hostage by a pouting few.

October is going to be an interesting month,

Let’s Talk About Age and Politics

It’s a Serious Subject. So Far, the Discussion Has Not Been Serious

It’s Definitely a Topic of Late

We seem to have a perfect storm of older politicians. What this brings with it as a matter of national interest is evident everywhere. A lot of this focuses on Biden (which is at least partly wrong – more on that later). I would suggest a few points can be taken as givens that need not clutter the discussion. Among these are the following:

  • Clearly some politicians have aged out, they just did not get the memo.

A Little Politics, A Little Pop Culture, A Little Charity

Looking Around Several Topics This Week

The Jimmy Buffet Phenomena

 I remember that years ago the Beach Boys were quite the national phenomena. Their music was everywhere, they were interviewed and written about – we even went to a Fourth of July concert in DC once at which they were the featured act. I never got the attraction. To me they lacked depth or focus. I thought their music was pretty shallow and none of them as individuals struck me as particularly talented or interesting. Looking back now – I still think I was right. Just no There there,

A Perpetual Conundrum: Immigration & Migration

How Solvable is This? Are There Wins to be Had, for Anyone?

The American Experience with Immigration

Historically and in modern times, America has been shaped in many ways by immigrants. Much of our progress, culture, and social construct comes from immigrants. After all, the ancestors of most of us were immigrants, too. I think one could make the case that so much that is good about this country comes from immigration. I acknowledge that Native Americans might take exception to that idea, and they surely have a point. But that is another conversation, for another time.

Lessons Offered from the Ohio Vote

Whether All Sides LEARN Those Lessons is in Question

What Was This All About?

On the surface, the issues were quite clear. The effort run by Republican legislators sought to change Ohio law, saying that referendums must pass by 60% of the vote, vs half the vote (50%) +1, which has been the law for decades. Also included were requirements making it harder for citizens to gather enough signatures to get something on the ballot.

But a great deal more was, of course, at stake. This referendum was done to kill off the ballot initiative scheduled for this Fall to enshrine the right to abortion in the state constitution.

So, Some Guy Was Indicted in DC This Week

A Few Side Issues to Think About All This

Trump Earns His Frequent Flyer Badge for Indictments

This latest indictment is being thoroughly covered by everyone, so no point in going over the case here. I would note that the indictment is remarkably short and easy to read. If you have not done so, read it. Copies are easy to find. Here is one such link: https://d3i6fh83elv35t.cloudfront.net/static/2023/08/trump-indictment.pdf

There is a lot more I would like to have seen him charged with, but Smith knows what he is doing in keeping it short and simple.