Here’s a Phrase You Don’t Often Hear

“I Have Some TV Programs to Recommend” – You Really Will Want to Watch These

Wasteland or Golden Age?

People often lament that there is “nothing good on TV.” References are often made to the remark made decades ago that TV was a vast wasteland. I have friends today who take great pride in the fact that they don’t even own a TV.

I often say to such folks that they really are missing some good programming. This is when they sometimes reply that they watch programming via streaming on a computer. Why that is a more pure act than watching TV seems a strained interpretation to me,

Employment Will Never Be the Same Again

Not for Employees, Not for Employers. A New Era is Upon Us

Mixed Indicators All Over the Country

I mentioned in the last post that we would take some time to look at what is going on in employment, both long term and short term. What is going on will – already is – affect us all for quite a while, often profoundly.

Others have certainly noticed all this. There has been a flood of very good articles, local and national, trying to assess what is going on. One set of numbers that jumps out is that there are about 8 million people out of work and about 10 million jobs unfilled.

If I Were King for a Day

A Short List of Things to Make the World a Better Place- In My Humble Opinion

Ever Play “King for a Day?”

We all did this as kids. Let’s do a grown-up version. If I were granted the power to do anything, including some fanciful things, this is my short To-Do list of a dozen items as it stands today. Enjoy!


  1. An Engine Check Light for People– We are far enough along in science and medicine now that we should have one of those all-purpose trouble lights just like in our cars.

Hey! Did You See This?

A Small But Varied Collection of Fun/Interesting Things Found Online


Smorgasbord Time

Every so often we take a break from focusing on one thing to share some assorted tidbits that seem worth sharing. Today is such a day. Hope you enjoy these as much as I have. Most are short descriptions of and reflections on interesting articles, along with links to those articles. The last two are simply me thinking out loud. One never knows what will bubble to the top of my (or your) brain; here are a couple for today.

10 Books About Geopolitics

One of my disappointments in high school (boy,

How About a Happy Story of a Tech Company Doing Right by People?

Proof Positive That One Can Do Good, Make a Profit, and Serve the Public


First, a Reminder of What We Don’t Like

By now, we all know that pretty much everything we do on Facebook and on Google (and its various entities) is tracked and fed into various tools designed to feed us ads more likely to ring a bell with us. In principle, not a terrible thing. It could be helpful to get ads more relevant to our interests.

But there surely is a dark side. We have no transparency and very little say over what is recorded about us,

How Bad is This Ransomware Thing? Worse Than You Ever Imagined.

Fortunately, We Finally Have an Administration Who Gets It


Who is Doing This?

It appears three groups are doing the dirty deed.

One is plain old-fashioned criminals, out to make a buck whenever and wherever they can. These groups are truly international now, as well as domestic. The sad reality is that this sort of crime in not all that hard to carry out and it is hard to stop or trace (more on that later). Suffice it to say there is an abundance of low-life types getting into this arena.

A Grab Bag of News and Views

There is a Lot Going On. Let’s Poke Around a Bit

A Time of Transitions

We are always in a state of transition, but that seems especially true now. A new administration is settled in, the Middle East is heating up yet again. We have come from the worst pandemic record in the world to one of the best. Exiting and possible game changers are popping up in technology. And more. So, here we go.

The Biden Administration Settles In

This is about as good a start-up phrase I have ever seen. The team Biden selected is stellar and they hit the ground running.

Allow Me to Entertain AND Educate You

Part of Our Hey! Look at That! Science and Technology Series

Good and Fun Stuff to Know

 There is an old lament that there is nothing good on TV. I still have friends that are proud that they do not have a TV (although many sort of cheat by streaming). There was a time that was true, but it really is no longer accurate. This is something of a golden age of TV. The challenge now is keeping track of all the good stuff out there from so many good outlets.

The same is true for print/electronic media.

What is Killing Americans?

Behind the Headlines, Death Stalks Us in the Most Mundane Ways


Well, This Sounds Like a Cheerful Blog Post

OK, you are right. Not the most cheerful conversation we have shared here. But bear with me a bit. This is worthy of a few words and a bit of reflection by all of us. I have some bad news to share. But the solutions are more readily in hand than one might hope. If we choose to use them. Read on, friend.

Local Media Tells the Story

Whoever said that variety is the spice of life had it right.

This is Not Your Father’s Infrastructure

Biden Refines the Term for the 21st Century – Republicans are “Confused”


 So Just What is Infrastructure?

Infrastructure, in the simplest use of the term, refers to the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities needed for the operation of a society or a specific enterprise. It is the hardware and structures we need to make everything work, effectively and safely.

It also tends to be something often neglected and overlooked. Infrastructure takes maintenance, updates, replacements, and creation in new elements. Fail to do these things, and your country begins to look like a Third World entity.