Employment Will Never Be the Same Again

Not for Employees, Not for Employers. A New Era is Upon Us

Mixed Indicators All Over the Country

I mentioned in the last post that we would take some time to look at what is going on in employment, both long term and short term. What is going on will – already is – affect us all for quite a while, often profoundly.

Others have certainly noticed all this. There has been a flood of very good articles, local and national, trying to assess what is going on. One set of numbers that jumps out is that there are about 8 million people out of work and about 10 million jobs unfilled.

Economics for the Rest of Us

Much Economics Writing is Academic and High Level – Today Let’s Look Closer In


Economics is Life

Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, economics is a powerful force in all our lives. It may be complex, it may be removed from our observation, but it determines so much, including much of our politics and social norms. If there ever was a domain in which the term “unforeseen consequences” rings true, it is economics.

I am in the process of reading Barack Obama’s last book and have just completed the section about the economic crisis he inherited and the remarkable demands it placed,

A Proposal for Useful Tool – The Future is Here Task Force

Government and Congress are Woefully Unprepared for Change

Here is One Solution

Ever Watch a Congressional Hearing on a Technical Issue?

If you have, you likely were amused, and a bit worried. I think most often of hearings on the internet and social media as examples of this sort of exhibition. It is so often apparent that members of Congress have little clue as to exactly what the internet or social media are, and how they work.

Senior leaders in technology who are called to testify seem to be either bemused (and a bit condescending) or baffled as to how to explain what they do to this crowd.

One Way to Lose the Argument on Institutional Racism

 Tell the Complete Story of Our History –Get It Wrong and Be Further Behind Than Ever


The Tensions Over Critical Race Theory and Similar Approaches

One of the real lightning bolts in current domestic politics is the fuss over the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT). Never mind that darn few people know what it is, or that it is being taught as an academic discipline almost nowhere. Several states have passed legislation forbidding it being taught. Someone even started talk about putting cameras in classrooms, just to ensure teachers did not sneak it into the curriculum.

If I Were King for a Day

A Short List of Things to Make the World a Better Place- In My Humble Opinion

Ever Play “King for a Day?”

We all did this as kids. Let’s do a grown-up version. If I were granted the power to do anything, including some fanciful things, this is my short To-Do list of a dozen items as it stands today. Enjoy!


  1. An Engine Check Light for People– We are far enough along in science and medicine now that we should have one of those all-purpose trouble lights just like in our cars.

Last Round in the Contest for an American Socio-Economic System

Time to Make a Choice! And the Winner Is….

Part Four of a Four-Part Series on Choosing a Socio-Economic System for America

A Short Review of What We Have Noted Across the Various Options

In doing a very large-scale, low-resolution examination of the three primary socio-economic systems on offer, we noted the following:

  • Terminology counts. We must be clear about terms if our decisions are to have meaning.
  • Every system has its strengths and weaknesses; none are anywhere close to perfect.
  • Every system will fail at some point,

Next Round in the Contest!

Up for Today: Social Democracy/Democratic Socialism

Part Three of a Four-Part Series on Choosing a Socio-Economic System for America

First, A Note on Afghanistan

 Several people have asked me if this space will address what has happened in Afghanistan. The answer is yes, but not just yet. This one has a couple of personal connections for me, and I am going to take a little time sorting them out.

In addition, there is a lot of information coming in – some of it dubious. Some of it important – that also needs to settle out.

Let the Contest Continue!

Next Contestant: Socialism

Part of a Four-Part Series on Choosing a Socio-Economic System for America


Ah, Socialism. The One People Love or Hate – And Seldom Understand

We started this little review and exploration of systems with capitalism. This time around let’s take a quick look at socialism. No one has any strong feelings about this one, do they? Oh, well, OK– maybe we do.

Remember our analogy for evaluating these systems- this is a bit like buying an automobile. Socio-economic systems carry a lot of the same characteristics we look for in automobiles.

Let the Contest Begin!

First Contestant: Capitalism

A Four-Part Series on Choosing a Socio-Economic System for America


Ah, Yes. This One is Familiar

We start this little review and exploration of systems with capitalism in large part because it is the incumbent in America, and the one most of us know best. Well, at least we know a version of it. More on that later.

We begin or review of these systems on Friday the 13th. What could possibly go wrong?!

Remember our analogy we set up to evaluate these systems?

Capitalism? Socialism? Something Else?

Our Choice of a Socio-Economic System Determines About Everything


Something New for Agents of Reason – A Four Part Series

Well, We Do Pick Easy, Simple Topics Here, Don’t We?

 It’s summertime, so I thought, “What the heck! Let’s pick something easy to deal with. How about choosing a socio-economic system for the US going forward? That shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks.”

 Kidding aside, this is a conversation going on in fits and starts around the country, and its one we need to have.