A Mars – Venus View on Polishing

Differences in How Men and Women Choose to Shine


Polishing is Not Just for Appearance

The whole idea of “polishing” oneself is an interesting concept. It is, of course, about more than appearance. There is a phycological and social aspect to this as well. More on that a bit later, but for now, just keep in mind that people go to varying levels of effort to polish their appearance for a lot of reasons, most of them perfectly fine.

Much of the rest of this posting will address men and women as separate groups.

Education in America – Part II

Higher Education: Public, Private, and Community Institutions



Tell Me Again -Why are We Having This Conversation?

Education is one of those things people tend to get excited about if they have family members engaged in the education system or they hear of some scandal afoot. But otherwise, it fades in the background for many of us. That is a mistake.

Education arguably does more than almost any other element in shaping success or failure for millions of people. It is – or is not- the gateway to opportunity.

Education in America – Part I: Public Schools, Private/Charter Schools/Home Schooling

A Two-Part Review of Lower and Higher Education in America


Education’s Unique Role in American History

Over the long term, there might be some things more important for the future of this country than education, but we would be hard pressed to make the case for what is more important. America was founded as a country of opportunity and freedom. Where we have failed to meet those goals, it is often because we have failed to provide decent education. Where we have seen inspiring examples of people rising to their full potential, education has usually been a defining factor for success.

About This Guy Joe Biden: Two Things You Might Have Missed

A Comparison Often Missed and a Look at Redefining Bipartisanship

Something of a Honeymoon 

All things considered, President Biden is enjoying something of a honeymoon. Not from Congressional Republicans, of course. Moscow Mitch has already started his song of not supporting anything from the Administration. In some ways, that worked for him last time around. It’s not clear it will work so well this time.

Public support for Biden’s initiatives is stunningly high, pretty much across the board. He has majority support, even among Independents and Republican voters on pretty much everything so far.

Sleep! A Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Yes, It Is!

What is Sleep, Exactly?

Well, as near as I understand the science, we really don’t know, exactly. Sleep, that state of being that consumes about one-third of our lives, is a bit of a mystery. We know it provides a physical and mental recharge of sorts, but exactly how that works is still not clear.

There are people who do not sleep at all and they seem no worse for that fact. There are not many of them, but enough that science can confirm there does exist a biological construct that does not need sleep.

Welcome to Table Topics

A Quick Look at a Mix of Subjects – Have Fun!


Table Topics?

What the heck is Table Topics? Glad you asked. Many years ago, I stumbled into a Toastmasters Club. What a lucky day that was! I returned for many an enjoyable meeting – and in so doing, picked up a theme for today’s blog.

For those unfamiliar with them, Toastmasters Clubs exist all over the world, bringing together 3 groups of people: those who enjoy public speaking, those who wish to improve their public speaking abilities,

Remnants of COVID in Our Lives

Echoes Will Remain – and We are Changed by Them

First, A Caveat

Much of today’s blog is about how COVID has affected us, perhaps in unanticipated ways. But this is NOT to feed any illusions that the pandemic is over. Unless, of course, you live in Texas or Florida, where the governors have decided to ignore all the facts and declared themselves over it all.

We finally have a competent national government helping to inoculate almost 3 million Americans a day. This may help minimize the stupidity of declaring victory 10 yards from the finish line,

How About Some Really Good Reading?

I Have Been Reading Some Great Stuff. Allow Me to Share.


The State of Writing in America

I am pleased to report that, at least from my perspective, there is some really fine writing going on in this country. I have a short list of recent work that I have been thoroughly enjoying.

Note I said enjoying, present tense. I find that I tend to slow up when I find exemplary writing. I like to kind of roll around in the luxury of stories well told or facts well analyzed.

Admit It! We All Like It When a Big Guy Takes a Shot from the Little Guy

Things are Seldom Black and White, But These Felt Kind of Good

David and Goliath

There is something in us all that likes it when an improbable match comes out with the Little Guy winning. As noted in the title, always some complications and areas of gray in evidence, but here are a few examples of recent weeks that please us to hear. A couple of them are true David vs Goliath, a couple are not quite so, but at least have that mic drop flavor to them.

GameStop Anyone?

If you have even the slightest interest in market dynamics,

Helping Hands or Talking Heads? Trolling or Governance?

Two Unrelated Events Share an Interesting Connection


Event 1: The Insurrection in DC

One of the still evolving consequences of the January 6 insurrection was the dismissal of QAnon follower Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from any Congressional committee assignments. When asked what she would now do with her time, she said this freed her up to do what she wanted to do – make more speeches, fundraising, etc.

Right after she spoke, newly elected embarrassment to his district NC Rep Madison Cawthorn indicated he understood Greene’s point. He said he had built his own staff around “communication”.