Some Weekend, Eh?

A Very Few Notes on the Biden Decision and All That Follows

What Happened and Why?

The truth is that we really don’t know what all happened that led to the Sunday decision, although there is a ton of speculation and slowly some reliable leaks and back stories are coming out. There was a lot going on in public and behind the scenes and it likely will take some time to sort it all out. But in candor, all that is of interest, but is not especially important. What is important is what happens the next 100 days or so.

You May Have Heard About A Shooting Last Weekend?

Tragedy, Opportunity, Accelerator, Brake? Yes, Likely All of the Above

What This Blog is NOT About

Everyone and their brother started writing about the PA shooting within minutes of the event. Like the debate we talked about earlier, I find it useful to give things a couple of days to sort out at least a little. This blog will not recap the event, blow by blow. We have all had more of that than we need. I remember when it broke on tv, I found myself thinking-

“Oh great. This will be continuous coverage by everyone everywhere for at least the next 24 hours,

OK, Democrats – Now What?

This Feels Like a Mix of Laurel & Hardy with the Alamo – But Not for Long

To Biden or Not to Biden? That is the Question

Well, actually that is not THE question. At least not as a simple up or down. The discussion, if I may use that polite term, since the infamous debate actually raises a number of questions and parameters. Sorry, cannot just focus on one.

I deliberately chose not to discuss this matter last week, simply because it was too soon and too much was unknown. We will talk about what is included here that must be addressed (3 key elements) momentarily,

Think You Know AI? Meet his Close Friend, Nanobot

These Two as a Team Will Truly Change the World

What?! No Politics, No Supreme Court?!

 Yes, we do have a lot to talk about on those fronts, but frankly too much has happened too soon. We need a few days to settle down and deal with these. The Not-So Supreme Court truly has done serious, serious damage to America, but we will talk about that later.

For now, just know we need the folks who really care about America to win the White House, both houses of Congress, and a slew of state races.

This Week: Politics & Science

A Few Stories and Thoughts in Two Important Areas of Life Today + A Bonus


Pretty much all the poles show that immigration is a major issue for the coming presidential election, and one that hurts Biden.  Much of this is a result of fear mongering and racism fanned by Republican politicians, but honesty requires noting that there is actually something of a problem (as well as some opportunities). Reliable reporting from border communities and popular destinations like New York City make it clear that a flood of immigrants is happening at unsupportable and unsustainable rates.

The First Trump Conviction (Actually, 34 Convictions)

Riveted to the TV, were you?


This Trial Has Been Talked About Ad Nauseum. Focus on Just 4 Key Points to Take Away

The System Worked, Darn Near Perfectly

In spite of delays, distractions, lies, threats, and more, the system did what was needed to be done. Twelve citizens (and six back up jurors) took the oath, took the time took the risks, and did the right thing. The judge was the model of patience, decorum, and fairness.

In some ways, this reminded me of the last presidential election and the midterms after that.

Six for Today

A Range of Very Different Topics To Fill Our Basket This Week

First, A Moment to Reflect Upon Memorial Day

Yesterday was Memorial Day. This is being published a day after Memorial Day. Hope yours was a meaningful one and that you reflected at least a little on what they day means and the service members who sacrificed it all. Of all our national holidays, this is one of the  most purposeful and thoughtful. I had the opportunity to participate in a local service yesterday; it was a powerful thing to be in the midst of a large group that absolutely understood what this day honors and commemorates.

It Turns Out That We Need Each Other

Lessons in Community and Human Interaction

Things Change

 The funny thing about writing something like this blog is that life, despite our best plans, often ignores our feeble planning and whispers in our ear that we should write about something else, not what we planned for this week. That happened to me this week, so now you get something different. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed experiencing it.

I had a really fun discussion in my head, ready to go to print this week, when a couple of intersecting things happened that told me this was the time to talk about something else entirely.

Well, That’s Good News

A Short Break from Politics for Good News in Other Sectors

I Promised a Break

We ended last week with the promise of talking about some lighter, more good news items, and so we shall this week. There certainly is no shortage of political and related news (both good and bad) but it seems healthy, every once in a while, to walk in another garden for a while. Shall we?

 The Blind Shall See

I saw an encouraging article recently in the Washington Post about several companies experimenting with a type of gene therapy called optogenetics.

April 30, 2024

A Lot of Different Topics This Week, All with Key Legal Elements (Except the Last One)

Tik Tok’s Pending Death?

Well, the legislation passed, and the president signed it, so the countdown begins. This one has some really interesting aspects about it. Let’s see how it unrolls.

First, as noted before in this space, I am not much on the government banning communication in about any form, but I think the case can be made for this one. The amount of personal information Tik Tok tracks on users is substantial and it certainly would not be hard to use it as an entry point to more of your computer data.