How About Some Friday Leftovers?

Let’s Chat for a Minute NOT about any Viruses or Politics

How does that sound for a change of pace? Neither topic will be gone for long, but let’s take a short break.

As usual, I have a ton of interesting points, articles, etc. that I enjoy sharing with you, but of late could not justify the use of space. Too much of importance going on. But that will be the case probably every day from now until – oh, let’s say November 3 (just to pick a random date, you know).

So much has been put into the leftover bin,

All of the Bad News is Real. But There is Some Good News

The Corona Virus Has Legions More News to Come. But Not All of It is Bad.

In the Age of the Corona Virus

By now, we are all feeling saturated with talk of the Corona virus. It seems to permeate everything, and we are just beginning to deal with this. We have some long days ahead. As with any major effect like this, there are side effects and spinoffs. Some of them are actually good things.

None of this outweighs the pain and misery of a pandemic. The slow start and remarkable missteps of the Trump administration are going to harvest a bitter fruit.

A Quick Tour of Economic Issues We Should Watch Now

In a Year of Elections and of the Corona Virus, We Should Pay Attention to These Issues


Elections always bring economic issues to the forefront. These are often the issues that most separate candidates and their voters. So it is this year. But we have a new shadow stalking us at present. That is, of course, the Corona virus. We still don’t even know what we don’t know about this menace, but we can already see economic factors that must be taken into account, even as they take shape.

Here are a few of the economic big-ticket items we should be focused on at this time,

Everyone Looks Better Walking Out the Door

Four Valuable Lessons Going Forward from Super Tuesday


Well, it is possible that America has seen more political changes in so short a time at some other period. But from Saturday night in South Carolina through Super Tuesday and a couple of days more, this beats anything I have ever seen. Even the Talking Heads on TV were reluctant to commit to anything. They feared they may be proven wrong in the next 30 minutes.

Lots of things to reflect on, for sure. And the drama is far from over. We have some big,

You Support Bernie Sanders? You Should Vote Against Him

Choose the Message or the Messenger. You Likely Cannot Have Both


Bonkers for Bernie

I know more than a few folks who really like Bernie Sanders. His supporters are dedicated to the cause. And his campaign is doing well now. He only has about 2.5% of the delegates needed to win, a long way from victory, but he is ahead of everyone else.

So why would I suggest Sanders supporters should vote against him? Before answering that, I need Bernie Buddies reading this to ask themselves a question. Is your support mostly for the agenda Sanders brings to the table,

Being Clear about “Religious Freedom” and “Freedom of Speech”


These Terms Have Very Specific Meanings. Let’s Call It Out When They are Misused

Two Common Complaints

You may have noticed that it is the political season. Unlike other seasons that run for 3-4 months, political seasons tend to run at least a year or two. Lucky us.

Because it is political season, we are sure to hear (we already are, in fact) two complaints with frequency. Those on the Left have their snivels to be sure. But on these two subjects, it tends to be the Right that complains the loudest.

Celebrating the Small Joys of Life

Sometimes It Is the Smallest Pleasures That Count the Most

Earlier this week, we engaged in a bit of “Curmudgeonology” (No, this probably is not a real word, but if you can bluff your way into using it, that Scrabble game is yours for the taking). I don’t know about you, but I thought our curmudgeon list was fun to build. It’s good to blow off a little steam now and then. Based on your emails and comments, we share a lot of the same irritants.

As promised, we will end the week with the flip side.

Have You Ever Noticed…?

A Short List of Life’s Small Irritants

Let’s take a break from politics this week (Control yourselves. Stop all that cheering out loud!) This week, we are looking elsewhere for musings, reflections, and surprises.


In most of the country, people are swamped with ads and news about elections. Court rulings or legislative changes make even the familiar unfamiliar in some places.

This week, a friend (Thanks, Jerry) put me onto something good. It comes from an organization we both know and trust (Hello there,

What’s the Difference Between a Zombie and the Republican Party?

Not much, as a Matter of Fact

Consider the Zombie

The zombie. Certainly a popular fellow in mass entertainment these days. We seem to see them everywhere. Consider what makes them different from human beings.

A zombie, at first glance, looks like a human being. But, of course, it is not. It was a human being, but now it is the undead – not really dead or alive, but somewhere in-between. There is no heart. No soul is evident. It has no purpose other than sustaining itself by eating the occasional brain. This, of course,

Now It Begins – Keep Your Eye on the Prize

This Week the Iowa Caucuses Start the Election Season. Let’s Keep Some Factors in Mind


And So, It Begins

About the time you read this, the Iowa caucuses will be history. In the matter of a few hours some campaigns will be exuberant, some will be relieved, some will face hard reality. So, too, is it for we who are supporters and voters. Things will happen quickly from here on out. New Hampshire is only days away, followed by South Carolina and Nevada. The last five rounds of debates will come just as Super Tuesday is upon us.