Let’s Talk About Age and Politics

It’s a Serious Subject. So Far, the Discussion Has Not Been Serious

It’s Definitely a Topic of Late

We seem to have a perfect storm of older politicians. What this brings with it as a matter of national interest is evident everywhere. A lot of this focuses on Biden (which is at least partly wrong – more on that later). I would suggest a few points can be taken as givens that need not clutter the discussion. Among these are the following:

  • Clearly some politicians have aged out, they just did not get the memo.

The United Auto Workers Strike

High Risks, Potential Value, and Important Issues Galore

A Little Long-Term History

This is as big a labor action as this country has seen in a very long time, with big stakes all around. The history of the UAW and auto strikes is, it seems to me, a mixed one. On the one hand, they led the way on much labor reform and empowerment. They helped at an important level to create much of the American middle class, based on good jobs for skilled employees.

They also can be said to have pushed too hard in some cases,

A Little Politics, A Little Pop Culture, A Little Charity

Looking Around Several Topics This Week

The Jimmy Buffet Phenomena

 I remember that years ago the Beach Boys were quite the national phenomena. Their music was everywhere, they were interviewed and written about – we even went to a Fourth of July concert in DC once at which they were the featured act. I never got the attraction. To me they lacked depth or focus. I thought their music was pretty shallow and none of them as individuals struck me as particularly talented or interesting. Looking back now – I still think I was right. Just no There there,

A Perpetual Conundrum: Immigration & Migration

How Solvable is This? Are There Wins to be Had, for Anyone?

The American Experience with Immigration

Historically and in modern times, America has been shaped in many ways by immigrants. Much of our progress, culture, and social construct comes from immigrants. After all, the ancestors of most of us were immigrants, too. I think one could make the case that so much that is good about this country comes from immigration. I acknowledge that Native Americans might take exception to that idea, and they surely have a point. But that is another conversation, for another time.

Lessons Offered from the Ohio Vote

Whether All Sides LEARN Those Lessons is in Question

What Was This All About?

On the surface, the issues were quite clear. The effort run by Republican legislators sought to change Ohio law, saying that referendums must pass by 60% of the vote, vs half the vote (50%) +1, which has been the law for decades. Also included were requirements making it harder for citizens to gather enough signatures to get something on the ballot.

But a great deal more was, of course, at stake. This referendum was done to kill off the ballot initiative scheduled for this Fall to enshrine the right to abortion in the state constitution.

So, Some Guy Was Indicted in DC This Week

A Few Side Issues to Think About All This

Trump Earns His Frequent Flyer Badge for Indictments

This latest indictment is being thoroughly covered by everyone, so no point in going over the case here. I would note that the indictment is remarkably short and easy to read. If you have not done so, read it. Copies are easy to find. Here is one such link: https://d3i6fh83elv35t.cloudfront.net/static/2023/08/trump-indictment.pdf

There is a lot more I would like to have seen him charged with, but Smith knows what he is doing in keeping it short and simple.

Reflections on the Power of Thinking About Thinking

A Recent Experience Brought Back a Valuable Lesson in National Life

We’re Late Today!

Its true, today’s posting is a half-day late. That is pretty much a first for this blog (and hopefully the last time). In candor, I usually complete the next posting 1-3 days in advance, recheck it the day prior, then post it.

Yesterday I was delightfully sidetracked with a zip line adventure, accompanying my goddaughter and her three sons through the skies and amongst the trees. Something about flying along at 350 feet above the trees (or along the trees close enough to touch),

America’s Front Yard

Reflections on the National Mall

A Flashback

I ran across a piece someone wrote a few days ago that mentioned in passing the National Mall, in the heart of Washington, DC. For some reason, it brought back a flood of memories I thought worth sharing. It is one of those places easily put into the mental background and forgotten or taken for granted. The Mall deserves better, for several reasons we shall discuss momentarily. As a symbol and as a gathering place, it offers us much.

My First Attentive Look at the Mall

Like many people,

Most Prominent Physical Feature of a Politician?

No, Not That! No, Not Those Either! Shame on you.

Tis the Season

I know – sometimes it seems it is eternally the case, but in face we are about to enter another national election cycle. In a little more than a year, we will be voting for all sorts of offices, from President to Dog Cather, and about every office in between.

Among other things, this means that the media, in all its forms, will be focusing on politicians and would-be politicians. Unfortunately, much of that coverage looks likely to continue being focused on horse race status and some gotcha articles,

Meet the Swiss Army Knife State Legislators

They Think They Can Do Everything. It Would Be Hard To Be More Wrong

Swiss Army Knife?

You get the reference. This refers to legislators who think that, now they have power (more on that later), they can act with the force of law on all of their pet projects and biases. The list is quite long these days.

Have no background in education? No problem – just go right ahead and dictate curriculum content, often in very specific ways. Do what you think is right for everyone! Say you have no experience in literay matters or library management?