What do Robots, Fast Food, & Guaranteed Income Have in Common?


More in common than you might think. Interesting how different things intersect in life.


I read an article recently that noted something like 90,000 fast food jobs go unfilled daily. I can believe it – every such place I pass has signs out advertising jobs. Many proclaim free meals, signing bonuses, and other enticements. The industry is in a hurt for hires everywhere it seems.

Automation and Fast Food. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

I stopped off at a McDonalds to get a snack recently while on a trip and I saw one potential solution.

How Do We Choose Our Personal and National Priorities?

This is a Missing Link in What Passes for National Dialogue and Personal Reflection

What We REALLY Are Asking…

I learned an important lesson a long time ago. It’s one that comes to mind today as I look at how we talk with each other as a nation. The lesson? People often ask a leader “What is the number one priority I should focus on?” What they were often really asking me was “Give me one thing I can focus on and drop everything else.”

I see a variation of that on a national level now.

Let’s Talk About People Touching People


What could possibly go wrong with THAT conversation starter?

Much media in recent days has been covering Joe Biden being too much of a touchy sort of guy. My initial reaction to all this was to not devote any blog space to the subject. Goodness knows, there are enough other sites talking about it. But the way the story has developed over the last few days causes me to rethink my position.

We Live in Complex Times

When the story first broke, I had two thoughts.

First, that this should not surprise anyone.

Welcome to My Precinct – County, District, etc.


I Came Out of a Weekend Immersed in Politics- and I Liked It

This past weekend I attended my first county political party convention. I did so as a new Precinct Chair. I did not know what to expect. Curiosity was high and expectations hopeful. Some eight hours later I left more encouraged and inspired than I might have expected. Given the division and anger in American politics today, this was a pleasant surprise.

So why the happy face conclusion? There were moments of eye rolling and periods of concern,

That First Grade Teacher – An Homage to Teachers


Reflecting Back Reminds Us of the Powerful Role Teachers Play in Our Lives

Unless you have children in school, you may forget about teachers for long stretches of time. You don’t see them, don’t have the opportunity to talk with many of them. But over the last year or so, teachers have reminded us they are here. Teachers have been on strike from coast to coast, in a desperate effort to get justice on many fronts. For the most part, the tactic has worked. It is forcing governors and legislators to recognize the vital role these people serve.

There is a Killer Out There, Stalking Us All

The superbug MRSA is killing patients in American Hospitals. In Europe? Not So Much


We are at Risk

By now, most have heard of MRSA, or Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus.This is a bacterial infection, most commonly referred to as a staph infection, that is often fatal. It is highly resistant to the drugs we have available to us and is getting more so over time.

How bad is this? Take a look at the numbers. Each year, about 90,000 Americans are infected with MRSA. Many are children and others with weak immune systems.

Last Week We Savaged “Fashion.” Let’s Move on to “Dressing Up.”


Dressing Up to Send Message

Last week we had some fun at the expense of the fashion industry. Most of us seemed to agree -the fashion industry may not represent civilization’s best.

So, let’s take another step. Since we have decided to forego fashion’s extremes, when might we want to dress with a bit more than usual care? There are some important reasons for doing so, and fashion has nothing to do with it.

Dress Code? We Don’t Need No Stinking Dress Code! Or Do We?

I am fortunate enough to live in a great area in which casual is the universal uniform of the day.

It’s a Grab Bag Blog Today! Something for Everyone


Enjoy a Collection of Assorted News, Human Interest, and Other Tidbits. Part of our Hey, Look at That! Series.

Today I am pleased to share an assortment of articles and information that I have come across. I found them fascinating. Sometimes fun, sometimes infuriating, but consistently good to know. This like going through your garage to organize a yard sale. I found some items to share.

I am constantly collecting bits of information and entertainment. Every once in a while, its’ time to share a few. Today is such a day.

Clearly, I Need Fashion Help


The Fashion Industry is a Major Financial and Publicity Phenomenon. Why?

Thinking About Fashion

The fashion industry and its satellites have been exceptionally visible of late. It is that time of year wherein Fashion Week takes place in key centers. We lived in Paris and New York; we saw how big a deal these events are for those in and admiring of the fashion bubble.

The passing of Karl Lagerfeld, a legend in the business, also generated a lot of commentary of late. I don’t know much about Lagerfeld or his work.

Sometimes Modern Medicine Really is Miraculous


How We Organize, Pay For, and Integrate Medicine in This Country is a Mess. 

The Actual Practice of Medicine, However, Can Be Pretty Impressive.

This is Not Your Parents Surgery

My wife went through a major surgical procedure replacing a hip a few days ago. We are both fortunate to have good health, so this sojourn into the medical culture is a new experience for us. It has been educational and, in many ways, encouraging. We learned some things that might be of interest to anyone facing major medical engagements.