Taking Some Time to Think About Time

Time Shapes So Much of Our Lives. Yet We Understand It Hardly at All


What is Time, Anyway?

Seems a simple question, but there is little agreement out there among people who cogitate on such musings. For most of us, time is a given. It is what provides the benchmarks and guideposts of life. When we think of life’s events, we often think of when they happened, and in what sequence. Time and events, life as a whole, seem intertwined inexorably.

But there is a serious coterie of scientists who think time is not a real thing but is just something we incorrectly perceive.

About the Olympics

Few Human Endeavors Carry Such Contrasts


 A Reminder as to How All This Began

The Olympic games were an invention of ancient Greece, one of the wonderful things that civilization left us. The idea was to foster peaceful competition and to celebrate youthful excellence, dedication, and skill. It was a noble and inspiring idea that was restarted in the modern era, for all the right reasons.

The Power and Beauty of Youthful Athletes

It would be difficult to not admire the skill and remarkable dedication of Olympic athletes. For most of them,

Mixed Emotions on the 4th of July? That is Very American

The Fourth is More Than Our National Holiday. It’s Our National Mirror

Reflections on the Fourth of July, 2021

You and I are probably like most Americans on this Fourth of July. In looking back over the past year, over the past 245 years, and over the years to come, we feel a wide range of thoughts and emotions. As well we should.

I decided a long time ago that anything less than conflicting feelings would be a waste – and lazy. This country has always been a mix of hope and despair,

Hey! Did You See This?

A Small But Varied Collection of Fun/Interesting Things Found Online


Smorgasbord Time

Every so often we take a break from focusing on one thing to share some assorted tidbits that seem worth sharing. Today is such a day. Hope you enjoy these as much as I have. Most are short descriptions of and reflections on interesting articles, along with links to those articles. The last two are simply me thinking out loud. One never knows what will bubble to the top of my (or your) brain; here are a couple for today.

10 Books About Geopolitics

One of my disappointments in high school (boy,

Psst! Hey, Catholic Bishops – Can We Talk?

I have a Question


You May Have Heard What the Bishops are Up to of Late

American Catholic bishops recently took a drastic step. They went on record, by a hefty margin, recommending that local catholic authorities withhold the sacrament of the Eucharist for President Biden. The wording is more general, but everyone recognizes Biden is the target. They will decide in November on doing this or not.

Just to remind, the Eucharist (Communion) is ritual the church believes channels divine grace. It takes inspiration from the Last Supper. Participants consume bread and wine.

Ever Notice That Guns and Inoculations Have Something in Common?

No, It’s Not the Word “Shots”


Looking for Balance – or Choosing Not to Do So

It should be fairly obvious that questions around gun ownership and vaccinations touch on major issues of personal liberty and community responsibility. Not either – both. And yet, the debate has been so long and so rancorous on one of these (guns), that people tend to move immediately to an all or nothing position. Given the divisions in the nation in the post Trump era, the same thing has quickly come to the arguments about requiring or expecting vaccinations.

Music Has Charms to Soothe the Savage Beast- or to Rock On

Reflections on Music in Our Lives


Music as Culture, Art, Meditation, and Communication

This blog focused on music somewhat in a posting some months ago, but as America begins to emerge from COVID isolation, this seems a good time for some additional, different reflections. The quote about the charms of music in the title of today’s blog is certainly true – and it has a long history. The wording varies a bit in its historical variations.

Many think Shakespeare is the author. Au, Contraire! It is largely agreed by historians that the author of the version we have heard over the years was 17thCentury poet William Congreve,

A Grab Bag of News and Views

There is a Lot Going On. Let’s Poke Around a Bit

A Time of Transitions

We are always in a state of transition, but that seems especially true now. A new administration is settled in, the Middle East is heating up yet again. We have come from the worst pandemic record in the world to one of the best. Exiting and possible game changers are popping up in technology. And more. So, here we go.

The Biden Administration Settles In

This is about as good a start-up phrase I have ever seen. The team Biden selected is stellar and they hit the ground running.

What is Killing Americans?

Behind the Headlines, Death Stalks Us in the Most Mundane Ways


Well, This Sounds Like a Cheerful Blog Post

OK, you are right. Not the most cheerful conversation we have shared here. But bear with me a bit. This is worthy of a few words and a bit of reflection by all of us. I have some bad news to share. But the solutions are more readily in hand than one might hope. If we choose to use them. Read on, friend.

Local Media Tells the Story

Whoever said that variety is the spice of life had it right.

A Mars – Venus View on Polishing

Differences in How Men and Women Choose to Shine


Polishing is Not Just for Appearance

The whole idea of “polishing” oneself is an interesting concept. It is, of course, about more than appearance. There is a phycological and social aspect to this as well. More on that a bit later, but for now, just keep in mind that people go to varying levels of effort to polish their appearance for a lot of reasons, most of them perfectly fine.

Much of the rest of this posting will address men and women as separate groups.