A Mars – Venus View on Polishing

Differences in How Men and Women Choose to Shine


Polishing is Not Just for Appearance

The whole idea of “polishing” oneself is an interesting concept. It is, of course, about more than appearance. There is a phycological and social aspect to this as well. More on that a bit later, but for now, just keep in mind that people go to varying levels of effort to polish their appearance for a lot of reasons, most of them perfectly fine.

Much of the rest of this posting will address men and women as separate groups.

Education in America – Part I: Public Schools, Private/Charter Schools/Home Schooling

A Two-Part Review of Lower and Higher Education in America


Education’s Unique Role in American History

Over the long term, there might be some things more important for the future of this country than education, but we would be hard pressed to make the case for what is more important. America was founded as a country of opportunity and freedom. Where we have failed to meet those goals, it is often because we have failed to provide decent education. Where we have seen inspiring examples of people rising to their full potential, education has usually been a defining factor for success.

Sleep! A Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Yes, It Is!

What is Sleep, Exactly?

Well, as near as I understand the science, we really don’t know, exactly. Sleep, that state of being that consumes about one-third of our lives, is a bit of a mystery. We know it provides a physical and mental recharge of sorts, but exactly how that works is still not clear.

There are people who do not sleep at all and they seem no worse for that fact. There are not many of them, but enough that science can confirm there does exist a biological construct that does not need sleep.

Welcome to Table Topics

A Quick Look at a Mix of Subjects – Have Fun!


Table Topics?

What the heck is Table Topics? Glad you asked. Many years ago, I stumbled into a Toastmasters Club. What a lucky day that was! I returned for many an enjoyable meeting – and in so doing, picked up a theme for today’s blog.

For those unfamiliar with them, Toastmasters Clubs exist all over the world, bringing together 3 groups of people: those who enjoy public speaking, those who wish to improve their public speaking abilities,

Of Golden Halos and Feet of Clay

This is a Good Time in National Life to Reflect on Human Nature


The Problems with Hero Worship

 The nation continues a vigorous conversation about whose statue remains up and for whom the local high school is named. This is often a contentious and difficult thing, but overall, it strikes me as a good and necessary thing. Much of the history most of us know is woefully incomplete and inaccurate. This is one step in getting this right.

But it can indeed be painful for some of us. We are finding that pretty well everyone who admire from history (and currently) may well have done great things,

Tis the Season! Which Season? Pick One!

Taking a Moment on This Day to Reflect Back and to Look Ahead


Whose Holiday is It?

Some years ago, a certain TV Network hit on a marketing ploy that gave them a lot of marketing juice. Thus the “war on Christmas.” Began. And it returns every year. But not here, not today.

In the land of this blog, we get it that many, many cultural and religious passages are noted by their respective followers. “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” simply means the sender is celebrating a special time of year to them and they wish others to have the same experience,

Thinking About Thanksgiving Through a 2020 Filter

The Idea of Thanksgiving is Both Challenged and Reinforced This Year


It is Still 2020

Boy, is this ever a year we will all be glad to close the books on. In some ways Thanksgiving is no exception. Plans and traditions are disrupted for most of us for this most American of holidays. Still, it is not too much of a stretch to reflect on how very much many of us can be grateful for, even this year. Let’s take a small inventory.

You Can Be Grateful If…

  • You don’t have and have not had COVID 19
  • No one close to you has died from the pandemic virus
  • If you are working and you still have a job (and health insurance)
  • You have access to some technology that lets you see and hear those you would like to be with in person.

Storytelling Vs Speechifying; The Difference is Important

How Someone Chooses to Communicate Tells a Lot. We See It in This Election


Reflections from the Last (Thankfully) Presidential Debate

More than enough has been written about the last Biden-Trump debate (including by me). That is NOT the focus of this little posting. But there is a bit of a connection, and a larger connection to the campaigns at large.

Like most people, I felt Biden had won that debate. I felt better about what he said, and remembered more of what he said. Why was that? I support the guy,

The Torture of Isolation or the Bliss of Solitude?

As We Enter the Long Stretch, People are Reacting to the Pandemic Differently

First Reactions, Then the Long Stretch

I am not a social scientist. Still, I find one of the most interesting things about this pandemic is how we as individuals are reacting to it. How we react as communities and as a country is a very different conversation. For now, let’s think about individuals. There are some fascinating differences to observe and to reflect upon.

The First Stage

When this thing first hit, most of us went through some quick rounds of doubt,

A Few Random Observations. Do They Seem the same to you, too?

Four Short Reflections on Some Widely Different Topics


Seen Much News Lately?

Last week was one of those (another one!) that just seemed all over the board in terms of news and matters of interest. Here are my takeaways for your consideration. By the way, I find the process of looking back over the week as the weekend dawns a useful thing to do. So much happens in so many directions these days, it is helpful to look in the rear view mirror to assure ourselves, as much as we can, that (A) We didn’t miss anything really important and (B) We take the opportunity to assess the priorities – decide what out of all this mess really counts.