Thinking About People Who Are Thinking About Mount Everest

Perhaps It is Time to Rethink the Mountain

The Mountain of all Mountains

Recent days have brought us stories of people dying on Mount Everest in near record numbers. It usually takes an avalanche or a major storm to cause so many casualties. What got them this time? Standing in line.

The Nepalese government issued close to 400 permits this season. By all accounts, that is more than the summit approaches likely could handle. And so, it has come to pass. We have seen what seems to be remarkable photos. Dozens of people standing in lines just short of the summit,

Consolidation? Diversity? How Shall We Tilt at Our Windmills?

There Are A Lot of Good Causes Out There. How Best to Support Them?


The Good News

I have the good fortune to live in a community that places a premium on charity and on paying it forward.

The expectation is that anyone who owns a business will sponsor fund raising events. They will also likely donate a percentage of sales to a good cause. Individuals are also called upon to donate time, talent, and treasure on a regular basis. This is closer to a universal norm here than anywhere I have known.

Where You Live is in Your DNA

 In Ways Not Always Obvious, Where We Live Shapes Our World View

When I was in high school (a very long time ago), I eagerly signed up for a course in political geography. I was sorely disappointed that the course never took off. Out of a student body of hundreds, we could not find 10 or 12 students who thought this might be a useful field of study. Most people thought technology had made geography irrelevant.

Technology has freed us from much of the limits of geography. That was true when the telegraph spanned the West.

It’s Easy to Forget the Remarkable, Good People Among Us

Four Recent Documentaries Remind Us There is Reason for Hope and Celebration


Lights at the End of the Tunnel

More days than not, we see and read a lot that leaves us discouraged. Our fellow human beings leave a lot to be desired, it would seem (present company excluded, of course…). But that is only part of the story. It is a good and healthy thing to be reminded that there are near angels among us.

Four documentaries have come out recently that do a splendid job of reminding us of that fact.

Are You Willing to Commit to Proximity and Presence?

Two Very Different Events Brought Home Lessons on How We Connect

 I had the opportunity recently to attend two very different events. Different, but both highlighted how we connect – or fail to connect – with each other. The thread of connection reminded me how important human communication can be. If you doubt that, take a look around at our national conversations today. Still think we are doing OK? Yeah, me neither.

Let’s Get Close

The first event was a presentation by a well-known social activist. This is a man who has done a lot of good in the world.

Two Updates + New Thoughts on an Old Topic – National Service


National service would be a fitting addition to the upcoming political season

First, a Look Back at Last Week

 I would like to revisit the idea of national service as a rite of passage. But first, let’s update two topics discussed last week

First- We discussed earlier a shameful 5-4 Supreme Court decision. The Court allowed Alabama to execute a man without a representative from his faith (Muslim) being with him at his execution. The rationale? He waited too long to ask, and the state did not have a Muslim cleric on its staff roster.

That First Grade Teacher – An Homage to Teachers


Reflecting Back Reminds Us of the Powerful Role Teachers Play in Our Lives

Unless you have children in school, you may forget about teachers for long stretches of time. You don’t see them, don’t have the opportunity to talk with many of them. But over the last year or so, teachers have reminded us they are here. Teachers have been on strike from coast to coast, in a desperate effort to get justice on many fronts. For the most part, the tactic has worked. It is forcing governors and legislators to recognize the vital role these people serve.

Last Week We Savaged “Fashion.” Let’s Move on to “Dressing Up.”


Dressing Up to Send Message

Last week we had some fun at the expense of the fashion industry. Most of us seemed to agree -the fashion industry may not represent civilization’s best.

So, let’s take another step. Since we have decided to forego fashion’s extremes, when might we want to dress with a bit more than usual care? There are some important reasons for doing so, and fashion has nothing to do with it.

Dress Code? We Don’t Need No Stinking Dress Code! Or Do We?

I am fortunate enough to live in a great area in which casual is the universal uniform of the day.

It’s a Grab Bag Blog Today! Something for Everyone


Enjoy a Collection of Assorted News, Human Interest, and Other Tidbits. Part of our Hey, Look at That! Series.

Today I am pleased to share an assortment of articles and information that I have come across. I found them fascinating. Sometimes fun, sometimes infuriating, but consistently good to know. This like going through your garage to organize a yard sale. I found some items to share.

I am constantly collecting bits of information and entertainment. Every once in a while, its’ time to share a few. Today is such a day.

Clearly, I Need Fashion Help


The Fashion Industry is a Major Financial and Publicity Phenomenon. Why?

Thinking About Fashion

The fashion industry and its satellites have been exceptionally visible of late. It is that time of year wherein Fashion Week takes place in key centers. We lived in Paris and New York; we saw how big a deal these events are for those in and admiring of the fashion bubble.

The passing of Karl Lagerfeld, a legend in the business, also generated a lot of commentary of late. I don’t know much about Lagerfeld or his work.