A Perpetual Conundrum: Immigration & Migration

How Solvable is This? Are There Wins to be Had, for Anyone?

The American Experience with Immigration

Historically and in modern times, America has been shaped in many ways by immigrants. Much of our progress, culture, and social construct comes from immigrants. After all, the ancestors of most of us were immigrants, too. I think one could make the case that so much that is good about this country comes from immigration. I acknowledge that Native Americans might take exception to that idea, and they surely have a point. But that is another conversation, for another time.

Ah, the Sweet Siren Song of Travel

We Have Answered the Call. We Will Let You Know How It Went

Travel as One of Life’s Pleasures

For most people, I would think, travel is a great thing. At least in theory. Sometimes the actual execution can be less desirable. Flying in particular seems to have a whole new range of challenges and risks these days.

And yet, we all show up, more than ever. Part of that is post=pandemic outbreaks – we felt cooped up and want to get out of here – wherever “here” is. The allure of something different,

Reflections on the Power of Thinking About Thinking

A Recent Experience Brought Back a Valuable Lesson in National Life

We’re Late Today!

Its true, today’s posting is a half-day late. That is pretty much a first for this blog (and hopefully the last time). In candor, I usually complete the next posting 1-3 days in advance, recheck it the day prior, then post it.

Yesterday I was delightfully sidetracked with a zip line adventure, accompanying my goddaughter and her three sons through the skies and amongst the trees. Something about flying along at 350 feet above the trees (or along the trees close enough to touch),

Tuesday, July 25

Five Very Different Topics to Reflect Upon for This Round

Tony Bennett

We don’t do much on show business or entertainment in this blog. If you ever saw me dance or heard me sing, you would be grateful that the scant treatment of such things in this blog minimizes your risk of ever seeing a video of me doing such things. You are welcome.

But an exception for Tony Bennett. He was, quite simply, the best of his generation at what he did – maybe the best ever. Frank Sinatra once said Bennett was the best singer he ever heard.

America’s Front Yard

Reflections on the National Mall

A Flashback

I ran across a piece someone wrote a few days ago that mentioned in passing the National Mall, in the heart of Washington, DC. For some reason, it brought back a flood of memories I thought worth sharing. It is one of those places easily put into the mental background and forgotten or taken for granted. The Mall deserves better, for several reasons we shall discuss momentarily. As a symbol and as a gathering place, it offers us much.

My First Attentive Look at the Mall

Like many people,

Some Really Good News About the Supreme Court

The Court Certainly Was in the Headlines Recently – Now We Live with the Results

Happy Fourth of July, America

Before today’s posting, a moment to wish everyone a good day celebrating our country’s birthday. For all the huge problems and threats we face (See the discussion below, for example), this still is a remarkable place to live and a grand experiment in the human species.  There is much to celebrate and much to face up to honestly. May we be mature enough and brave enough to both celebrate and face up – both are called for.

Welcome to the Rogue’s Gallery

Six “Winners” Who Merit Our Disdain

Highlighting a Few People That Are Disappointments to Civilization

As we all know, the world has at least its share of less than laudable souls walking the Earth. We might even feel that we are way over our quota of such people in recent years.

Still, even in this category of n’er-do-wells some people stand out as exceptional wastes of oxygen. Today, we call out six of them worthy of our highest scorn and our lowest esteem.

The Latest Trump Indictment Gives Us Two Such Individuals


Hey, Is Anyone Else Writing Some Good Stuff?

Yes, Indeed. Today We Share a Sample of Worthwhile Reading

A Lot of People Are Writing Well, About Important (and/or Fun) Matters

I invest more time than I probably should reading the work of other writers, particularly bloggers and columnists. Part of this is a desire to learn more, part of it is admiration of good writing. Some readings are like a hot fudge sundae – completely satisfying.

I thought you might enjoy a few of such outstanding examples that have come across my computer screen in recent days. I hope you enjoy them and learn from them as much as did I.

Money, Politics, Electronics, and the Courts

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

What’s Up?

Today we take a short look at four subjects very much in the headlines these days. Some connect to each other in obvious ways, others are more stand-alone. All have our attention of late.


This one is actually a good mix of financial matters and politics – the national debt. This is being written about five days before you read it, as I will be on travel for several days, so it is possible the logjam on the debt will break before you read this. I would be delighted if this segment of today’s blog was out of date and the problem resolved.

Assorted Odds and Ends

Nature’s Metaphor

We had a remarkably mild winter in my area of the Smoky Mountains. We had one cold snap, around Christmas and New Year’s Day. It was a short but ferocious cold snap. A lot of trees, shrubs, and small critters did not make it. It led me to a hard late winter. In short order, an early spring seemed to arrive. But too late for those who could not survive the earlier snap. In a sense, that is a metaphor for life more broadly. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to deal with challenges that seemed unimaginable just days earlier.