Ah, the Sweet Siren Song of Travel

We Have Answered the Call. We Will Let You Know How It Went

Travel as One of Life’s Pleasures

For most people, I would think, travel is a great thing. At least in theory. Sometimes the actual execution can be less desirable. Flying in particular seems to have a whole new range of challenges and risks these days.

And yet, we all show up, more than ever. Part of that is post=pandemic outbreaks – we felt cooped up and want to get out of here – wherever “here” is. The allure of something different, some place out of our ordinary experience, very different people, sights, food – we hear the call.

It will always be so, and that strikes me as a good thing. When one gives up on travel, your world shrinks. Sometimes in life, such reduction in options is necessary, but I am in favor of fighting such restrictions as best one can, to include doing much more modest travel going forward, but do travel.

Speaking of Travel

Assuming the timed posting process works, you will find this writing in your in box on August 22. On this day, my bride and I will be exploring the island nation of Malta, having just left Turkey, working our way towards bits of Greece and Italy.

Today is our 56th anniversary. I have had the great fortune of going through over half a century of life with the partner who makes it all fun and worthwhile. Her only fault is poor judgement in men, apparently. Somedays I wonder if she has stuck with me all this time out of a sense of bemusement or considering the husband to be a work in progress (I think all women secretly sort of think that).

For whatever reasons, we are still having fun and a foundation of life that is beyond measure. Celebrating all that on a great ship, complete with a suite and a butler (!) sounded right. So here we are. Lucky us.

Reporting Back

I will share with you sometime after we return what we learned on this trip and how travel is coming along these days. Given the continuing pandemic, ever more erratic passengers, a world heat wave, fires everywhere, etc. – what could possibly go wrong?

Not to worry. We got this.

See you soon.

Bill Clontz (and travelling buddy)

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  1. Love the pictures of you two (quite a travel history). Congratulations on 56 years and counting.

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