What?! You’re Not Writing About Impeachment and the Senate?

That’s right. There is a LOT to sort out, by several key people. Let’s give it a little time.


Take a Deep Breath

Like many of you, I watched the impeachment. I listened to Republicans in Congress and watched McConnell and Graham pontificate. I reached for my computer. Boy, was I ready to vent some steam!

But a cooler head prevailed. A lot is as bad as I could ever imagine. I cannot imagine a great abdication of responsibility than McConnell has in mind. However, much is at play on so many levels. As much as I want to talk about this, let’s give it a few days and see where we are. There may be some surprises yet to land. Let’s hold off a bit.

Instead, comments on two interesting political conundrums playing out now. One related to the impeachment. Both are examples of how fate and judgement play off each other. Surprises and unintended consequences may be afoot.

Not So Fast, Mitch

The one related to impeachment first. It is still too early it, but it appears that people in general do not like a sham impeachment trial. No new documents? No witnesses? It is possible that McConnell and Company overplayed their hand. Declaring no intention of being fair. No intention to consider any evidence, and not allow any useful process. That stinks.

Over half the country thinks Trump should be impeached. Half again more want a fair and transparent process. The path McConnell is on now is likely to cost his party untold numbers of independent voters. A surprising number of people seem to be paying attention to this. I am betting that historians will mark this one as a benchmark of hubris and bad judgement. Let’s see if they stick to this course.

Boy, Is It Pale in Here!

The other issue that is interesting is the Democrat’s debate protocols. I have said before that overall, the elimination process seemed about right. If, at this point, you can’t breach 4% in a few polls or get a few hundred thousand people to give you a dollar? Your campaign is not happening. That seems not too bad a process of elimination to me.

But the debate on Thursday night was all-white, except for one Asian American. No Hispanic or Black presence. This is problematic for obvious reasons. The candidates who made it on stage have joined a number who did in asking the Democrats to address this.

I am sympathetic, and disappointed. This especially since I have long admired Senator Booker. Booker is, my view, what Charles DeGaulle called someone in his high esteem, a serious man. I am not such a fan of Julian Castro, but he too is a thoughtful person with much to offer. I would love to see them both on stage, but here is the rub. One, neither are getting the kind of support that would mark a successful campaign to go all the way. They just are not there. Two, we have had over two dozen candidates. It’s late December. The Democrats need to thin the heard, a lot, and soon. Time to focus.

If there is a way to square this circle in a new, productive way, darned if I see it. It’s time for more candidate to go gracefully. I would hate to see these two candidates leave, but there we are.

Notes on the Way Out

First, some of you may have noticed that Rep. Gabbard voted “Present” at the impeachment. Geez, maybe Secretary Clinton was right. Perhaps Gabbard is working for the Russians. That was the weirdest vote and the weirdest statement I have seen in many moons (“I stand in the middle.”). Enough already. May she not darken our door (or stage) again.

Second, Mark Meadows announced he would not run for reelection as a US Rep. from NC. My mission in life was to do everything possible to make him unemployed. Looks like Christmas came early. His district got largely un-gerrymandered last month. Apparently, that made it look too much like work for him to try again. The Republicans did not mourn him long. The first Republican candidate announced within six hours of his announcement. Yeah, the rest of us won’t miss him either. Lots of us are working to help turn that seat over.

This weekend, I will have completed another orbit around the sun. Birthdays and an end to calendar years have a way of making one reflect on time, mortality, and purpose. More on all that coming soon.

     Bill Clontz

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5 replies to What?! You’re Not Writing About Impeachment and the Senate?

  1. I had a great day yesterday because the first news I read was about Mark Meadows not running again. But isn’t today the deadline to file to be a candidate? I certainly won’t support Jim Davis (who has filed and will likely be bankrolled by the NRA) or Mark Walker ( Meadows’ choice— who doesn’t even live in WNC).

    • Yes, in regards to the local elections in NC, today is the last day to file, I believe. For Meadows seat, my count shows 3 Democrats, 1 Independent, and 1 Republican (who announced yesterday) running in the 11th District.

      Will be interesting, as the district has been reformed and looks very different for this round.

      • And that 11th District roster of candidates grows! The easy Republican to declare yesterday was Lynda Bennet, a real estate broker. Now she is joined on the Republican side by Jim Davis, a state legislator. The Democrats already had Steve Woodstall, Gina Collias, and Mo Davis (great – two candidates named Davis- that will cause problems), and Tamara Awinak as Green Party candidate. Boy, redraw a district and retire an incumbent, and everyone wants to come to the party. Worth noting that Woodstall came in really early, prepared to fight Meadows for the seat. Hey, people can still file until 5 PM today. The list may grow again.

  2. Happy Birthday, Bill! Mine is the first week of January and yes, it makes one reflect on many things. Now that I’m over the 60 mark, “time” has taken on a whole different meaning. Please keep writing, I enjoy your column immensely.

    • How kind of you. Thank you, and happy birthday to you, too. Your birthday and my wife’s are close to each other, so rest assured I will be thinking of your birthday too going forward.

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