A Modest Gift

A Little Change of Pace for the Next Blog Post


You Deserve a Gift for the New Year

We, you and I, have been in this conversation for some time now. Some of us for quite a long run. Hard to believe this blog has logged in 400 posts (!) since we started this thing. Happily, it has been very much a two-way conversation, although I would welcome even more of that – I find what you are thinking to be consistently interesting, thoughtful, and worthy of sharing with others.

To date, you have made entries into the COMMENTS section about 800 times and although I do not keep that count, I believe comments sent by email are even larger in number. Know that I love it when you agree with me, revel in the times you disagree or see a different angle. Happily, the amount of spam that tries to sneak in the COMMENTS section is small and between the software and me, we have caught them all before they hit print (so far, so good).

At the end of the day, that is what this is all about – a conversation from which we can all come out better and more thoughtful than when we entered those conversations. Let’s keep it up. Let us all share in what you are thinking too, including subjects you might like addressed that have not yet appeared in Agents of Reason.

All is Proceeding as Hoped – But There is More to Offer

All in all, this blog thing is running about as one might wish. Something a bit above 200 of us meet regularly, another 100 or so drop in from time to time. Most are US based, but I am delighted to note that we have a few stalwarts from Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The more – in numbers and diversity – the merrier.

This is also an appropriate time to call out a friend who did so much to make this thing go forward. Joanne Masterson, the owner of Attention Machines, was instrumental in helping with the technical and aesthetic set up of this blog and continues to help tweak it as needed. I am perpetually grateful.

So, we approach the end of the year being in a pretty good place. Still, it occurs to me that it would be good to share some additional perspectives with you at that time on the calendar wherein we naturally look back at a year just completed and forward into the one about to be born.

Be sure to look for the blog post coming up on Tuesday, December 28th. I want to introduce you to some Fellow Travelers, whom I think you will find fun and thoughtful – a nice combination. Here is a hint- this next post should be three times better than normal.

Happy Holidays

In the meantime, best wishes for Christmas and/or Kwanzaa, whatever day(s) you celebrate, and Boxing Day, something the British taught us to wisely observe. Maybe we should just call it Post-Amazon Day, in the modern vernacular.

Have a good one. See you next week.

   Bill Clontz

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  1. May you and Meg have a happy, healthy 2022.

    • Thank you, and very much the same to you and yours.

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