Clearly, I Need Fashion Help


The Fashion Industry is a Major Financial and Publicity Phenomenon. Why?

Thinking About Fashion

The fashion industry and its satellites have been exceptionally visible of late. It is that time of year wherein Fashion Week takes place in key centers. We lived in Paris and New York; we saw how big a deal these events are for those in and admiring of the fashion bubble.

The passing of Karl Lagerfeld, a legend in the business, also generated a lot of commentary of late. I don’t know much about Lagerfeld or his work. I loved the quote from him that was often cited in recent days: “I am a down to earth person. Just not this earth.” You have to like that one.

But there is a question to about fashion, it seems to me. That is, simply: Who cares?

The Value?

I understand at least some of the creative environment that is fashion. But when I look at what is produced and the money spent on high-end products, I have to say I don’t find the value quotient. One hears about the stresses on people within the industry – especially young women. You see and hear all this enough, and one can be forgiven for thinking a pox on all of you. Be done with all this and find something more useful for the energy, creativity, and money to support.

There have been some marginal improvements in the industry in recent years. Some have adapted more realistic weight standards. They will not use people with unhealthily low weight. The #MeToo movement seems to have made some modest inroads as well.

Any improvements along these lines is welcome. Still, the whole arrangement seems industrial strength frivolity. It seems more wasteful and sillier than creative or useful. Am I missing something here? That may well be the case. A lot of people follow “news” in this world with real passion. The media loves highlighting who shows up for which shows. Impressive money puts this industry together and purchases the products.

There is also a big market for celebrity knock-offs on the lower end of the opulence scale. The newly anointed Duchess of Sussex, formerly known as Meagan Markle is an example. She can appear in public in something new and copies are in the stores the same week. Go figure.

Oh, No! Even Cars?

The fashion folks are not alone. Ever watch a perfume commercial on TV and wonder: “What the heck was that supposed to be about?” It’s hard not laugh at most of these. But the problem spreads! I bet the commercials for Lincoln automobiles are made by a refugee from the perfume industry. Lots of soulful looks and pointless visuals.

I hope Matthew McConaughey is paid handsomely for these things. They are a natural for Saturday Night Live to pick on. Here, check one out yourself.

Let’s Do Something Else

The balance sheet of value, purpose, and outcomes seems very poor to me for this part of civilization. I would love to see people lose interest. That talent could go towards art or something else to celebrate.

That I probably should be wearing Adult Garanimals to avoid fashion blunders myself is not relevant….🙄

       Bill Clontz

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4 replies to Clearly, I Need Fashion Help

  1. Unfortunately, clothes make the man, or woman, in the eyes of most people. Remember in Downton Abbey how people had to bring huge wardrobes to changes clothes for whatever they were doing during the day. It isn’t much better today. We so often feel that how we dress makes us who we are, and we are compelled to spend a lot of our resources to fit in. I am starting to “dress down” whenever I can, especially when fancy dress might make people around me feel like they don’t want to be there. The other side of this is some people I want to work with won’t trust me if I don’t dress “appropriately”

    • I do remember that from Downton Abbey! It seemed like about 6 changes a day were the norm. Unbelievable. We who are fortunate enough to live in Asheville have seen exhibits of the multiple changes a day life style at Biltmore, haven’t we?

      Your observations on dressing up/dressing down are timely- I am working on a post on that very topic. Coming soon.

      • I’m looking forward to that post!

  2. Interesting topic, thank you. I don’t know much about fashion, but I know what I like. It’s a mixed bag, pun not intended, your posting which gives food for thought and comments. Some high-end fashion trickles down and takes years to reach the masses. There used to be seasons of fashion, but I’ve heard now there are monthly new style trends in stores that cater to the masses. I saw online some Oscar attendees wore “green” earth friendly dresses, interesting. Karl L. is credited for saving the House of Chanel, etc. I’m paying more attention to style especially in these days of some wearing PJs in public. I’m in for comfort, but I
    have some pride in presentation. With Meghan and Matthew, it’s all an illusion.

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