December 6, 2022

The Georgia Runoff

By the time you read this, it will be election day in Georgia. Most polls indicate Warnock looks likely to get reelected, but it’s generally within the margin of error. Four observations:

  • Voter turnout has been just amazing. Warms the heart to know people care and they are determined not to be ignored. I note that so far officials have not arrested anyone for giving water or snacks to people in line for hours. They could try it – instant riot.
  • President Obama hosted a rally in Georgia this weekend and he was in his best form. The man looks good and had his A game for this one. It was a joy to watch.
  • How is it possible that this election is even close? I keep muttering, “Are you kidding me?” Walker sets new standards for being unsuitable and unqualified. This guy makes Madison Cawthorn look good! How anyone with a brain or a conscience could vote for this guy is somewhere between sad and disgusting. May he go down in flames and take Trump down another notch with him.
The Speakers Race as Fantasy Football

McCarthy continues his march of shame to try and get the Speakership. It looks increasingly like he does not have the vote for a first-round win – the first time that has happened in 100 years. The Far Right part of his delegation is threatening to put up another candidate they like better. The odds of that working seem poor, if at least a handful of Republican House members have any brains.

Here is a Fantasy Football team idea that I am having fun thinking about. The new House Democratic leaders have a meeting with the handful of moderate Republicans still left in the House. They something like the following:

“We don’t like much about you people. We look forward to fighting you on a host of issues. But you won the majority fair and square. We have two offers for you. First, let’s hammer out about a dozen issues both our moderates could support and get some legislating done. Second, nominate a reasonable moderate from your ranks to be Speaker. Do those two things, and we will give you enough Democratic votes to win the Speakership. You can tell your worst extremists to go jump off a pier – you don’t need them, and you don’t have to dance to their cracking whip.”

That conversation will surely never happen, but wouldn’t it be amazing if it did? Real accomplishments could be had, to the credit of all concerned, and the Speaker would be the Speaker of the entire House. A great fantasy to think about.

The Primaries Schedule

Not surprising that the Republicans are likely to keep the same primaries schedule as in the past. Hey, Iowa is their kind of state. The Democrats are making some big changes. The list President Biden published is at least the start point. Personally, I would not have made South Carolina first, but I get why he did that.

Overall, the list looks about right and much more a useful test bed prior to Super Tuesday. The Republican governor of New Hampshire is puffing that they will be first no matter what. They can do that – and see their delegates not seated at the nominating convention.

While we are on this topic, how about setting up a rotating system wherein the first round states change every four or eight years. Always looking for useful representation of the country and spreading the list throughout the country’s regions. This is an opportunity to do something really good.

Three Questions for Any Political Critic

We are in a time wherein Republican will disparage anything – anything – Democrats do. Some Democrats do the same in reverse. So, here are the questions I ask when I hear such comments:

  1. This is indeed an important issue (crime, inflation, etc.). What is it exactly you think those you criticize are not doing that they can or should do?
  2. What is going on in society and the world that aggravates this problem that any given government cannot control?
  3. What specifically are you offering as a solution? How would you accomplish this and what authority would you have to do what you propose?
Think All The Extremists are Gone? Think Again

Case in point: Indiana’s attorney general asked the state medical board to discipline a doctor. Why? Because the doctor provided an abortion for a 10-year-old rape victim.  Wonder if the AG would be as quick to do this were it his daughter? Unfortunately, there are lots of such extremists among us. Call them out, vote them out.

Two Fun Notes on My Last Blog

You may recall the last blog post covered a wide range of topics. What got the most comments and emails? Fruitcake! But at least I found that I was not as alone as I thought I was. A lot of you like fruitcake!

One item in that blog post was my commentary on why I often choose to wear a coat and tie. Just for fun, my picture with that post was one of me in a sport coat but no tie. I was curious to see if anyone would note that disconnect and comment on it. One reader did. Good eye, Tom.

See you next week.

         Bill Clontz

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