Imagine American Politics Without Mitch McConnell

 What If McConnell Lost Not Only the Senate Majority but his Senate Seat?

There is a lot of buzz of late about the level of trouble Mitch McConnell finds himself facing. I would be among the last to declare him to really be at risk on several grounds. Still, there are some interesting things afoot that make one think, “Maybe, just maybe….”

Signs of Trouble?

  • McConnell’s negatives in his home state are at record highs, substantially outweighing his positives.
  • The Democrats have put forth a heck of a candidate. Former fighter pilot Amy McGrath is impressive. It would still be a seriously uphill fight in Kentucky, but she is sharp and her fund raising is equally Impressive.
  • It may be that average Kentucky voters have figured out this is a singularly negative person, who has about zero interest in them or their problems. The publicity over long months about his closeness with the NRA and possible connections to money laundering, the charges of corruption involving both he and his wife, etc. may finally be taking a toll.
  • The governor of Kentucky, a previous supporter and endorser of McConnell, has indicated this might be a good time for him to retire.

Again, too soon to celebrate, but this could be the election that breaks the pattern of past success for McConnell.

Why Should Anyone Care? What Would This Loss Mean?

We all should care because McConnell has arguably done more damage to America and to constitutional governance than any other living politician. A few examples:

  • In a blatant disregard for constitutional process, he stole a Supreme Court nomination from a sitting president. I don’t care who the president is in such a scenario, this was as wrong as it gets.
  • He has repeatedly blocked legislation and funding to protect our elections from Russian interference. I can think of no reason to do that unless the one doing the blocking has Russian connections as well. I would bet that investigations at some point show that is the case.
  • McConnell has led the charge in securing life-time judicial appoints for a rogue’s gallery of extremists and lightweights. I would not expect to like anyone he proposed for judicial appointments, but this is way beyond politics. The backgrounds of some of those that now sit in judgment of the rest of us are amazing.
  • Some of the worst judicial candidates were forced to pull out of their nominations when their complete lack of qualifications or extreme positions became public knowledge, but McConnell was glad to push them until political gravity sunk them. Unfortunately, too many others got through a Republican Senate unwilling to do even the minimum oversight.

McConnell has set new standards of partisanship, doing real long term damage to the US Senate and its role. He has put party, narrowly defined, ahead of the constitution and the country every time.

Most importantly, he was the one person in position to check Trump’s worst excesses. As a leader of a coequal branch of government, he could have lessened the chaos and damage of the past three years. He chose not to do so, and therefore made the damage worse.

Time to Make It Right

All that is why we should care. Denying him the majority at least stops the bleeding. But more powerfully, denying him his Senate seat just might, possibly, send a message to his colleagues that at some point you have to stand for something. That eventually, citizens can figure it out and they will call you out.

No one person on the national scene has done so much damage, so cynically. Even Donald Trump cannot match what McConnell has wrought. One can hope we are about done with this.

Bill Clontz, Founder, Agents of Reason      Bill Clontz

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3 replies to Imagine American Politics Without Mitch McConnell

  1. Bill:

    Ditto everything you said above regarding Mitch McConnell. As a resident of Kentucky, I’m fed up with his power and money hungry antics that have ensued for years. I’m hoping many other Kentuckians will agree.

    As for Amy McGrath, she is an honorable Veteran with an impeccable career. I have met her twice during her campaign for Congress. While I admired her goals and ambition for her campaign, I’m always a little reluctant to meet a politician in person. You never know what you are going to get. She was more than I had hoped for. She personified an intelligent, caring, determined woman who means to get the job done–in the right way.

    It is time we had honest, intelligent representatives of the people, for the people in our government. I believe Amy McGrath is that person.

    Disclaimer here: prior to Amy McGrath I have always been very low key regarding politics. I have always voted but I had never attended a political rally, never given money to a campaign, never had a yard sign before. I have done all three for this fine candidate. That is how strongly I feel she is the right person to send to Washington.

    As Amy would say: Bring it on Mitch.

    Rebecca Hammond, MD

    • What a wonderful comment! Thank you for sharing your first hand experience. I join you in sending Amy best wishes- and contributions.

  2. I also cannot think of another government official who has done more harm to having a more harmonious congress, and blocking progressive legislation than McConnell. His refusal to even let Senators meet Garland was the epitome of undemocratic values. He needs to go.

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