“Isn’t It Time for Healing and Unity?”

No, Actually Its Not


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Striking how many Republicans who just last week were talking of massive voter fraud, civil war, etc. have suddenly become peaceniks. The ghost of Rodney King must be laughing at who is now asking “Can’t we all get along?”

There is a long list of enablers, in varying degrees of culpability, but all responsible for the situation that we find ourselves in. As information gets assembled, processed, and shared, the public will become even more aware of just how bad last week was. This was violent, racist, religiously bigoted warfare, including many of the ugliest parts of our society. It was well organized, resourced, and cheered on by people that knew better but did not care.

It was encouraged, for many months, by Trump and Friends. And it is not over. More is in the offing. To suddenly say that all violence is terrible, we did not encourage this ourselves, rings hollow. It’s a mark of intellectual dishonesty and moral cowardice to try distancing yourself now from what you wrought. You don’t get a pass this time.

What Now?

An armed insurrection was mounted against the United States of America and its government. The evidence of collusion and encouragement is overflowing. While we must, indeed, get past this and move on, we cannot do so without accountability and a price being paid.

For the people on the ground, that payment is starting to come due. Many have already been arrested, more will be. A number will spend a long time in prison (assuming Trump does not try to pardon them in his waning days). Convictions seem sure for many. Others have already lost their jobs, more will. Former and present military personnel and law enforcement personnel will be singled out for punishment, as they should be.

The challenge before us are the enablers, including the Enabler in Chief. The easy come back for Trump is coming in now. He is effectively silenced on social media, his golf courses are now shunned by the PGA (trust me, that is a big deal to him). Even the company that processes his campaign contributions has quit him. More of this will follow.

But what about political justice? Being impeached is necessary. One can hope that enough Republicans can find the moral courage to convict when the time comes, but don’t hold your breath. Timing might make a difference (more on that shortly). It is surely worth the effort to try for conviction, if only to impose a ban on ever running for office again. The man deserves banishment into the wilderness.

About Those Republicans

All of last week, including the infamous phone calls to Georgia, happened in front of us. We all saw the whole week; we know Trump’s role in all this. And yet, in the wee hours of Wednesday night/Thursday morning, several senators and dozens of representatives voted as though nothing had happened. They continued to support the massive lie of a stolen election. This dramatically increases the risk of future violence. Still more blood on their hands.

At this point, these people are, in my view, morally irredeemable and unworthy of any office, anywhere. I hope many of their colleagues and voters come to agree. You have to wonder just what it would take for them to be outraged enough to grow a pair and do the right thing. How bad would it have to get for the soon to be ex VP to convene the cabinet and put us all out of this misery? Apparently, there is no bottom for them. And so, we are left only with impeachment as an option.

The Effect on Biden’s Administration

Joe Biden ran on the idea that if anyone could foster bipartisanship, it is him. I believe that is true, and in spite of the odds, I salute him for wanting to try. But now, we are in the impossible position of not being able to let what has happened stand. This must be dealt with, not passed over. Even if the cost is high, we cannot let this stand. To suggest it be whisked away in the name of bipartisanship is an obscenity.

I was, at first, put off by the idea being circulated to impeach now, but hold the trial after the first 100 days of the new administration, to get urgent business accomplished. But there may be strong reasons to do so. One, the work does need to get done, without also fighting the trial. Two, it provides time to wrap up intelligence and information in clear, compelling packages that all, including senators, can understand. Take the time to tell the story, fully and in compelling forums.

The time lag might increase the odds of conviction. For heaven’s sake, surely at least 17 Republican senators can figure out that if nothing else, conviction and political banishment rids them of the Trump curse going forward. They will have time to at least try and rebuild. If not, Trump and his followers will be an albatross for them forever.

Special Contempt

There must be a reckoning especially for Trump and his leading enablers. Some of them (Cruz, Hawley, Cawthorn) actually sent out fund raising electrons DURING THE SEIGE.  Anyone who spoke to the mob just before they attacked are morally and legally culpable, deserving the full weight of justice – legal, social, political.

So, Republican politicians, you want us all to get along? Me, too.

We just need you to stand up for what is right, acknowledge your party’s and your colleagues’ guilt, and for you to join the Democrats in doing what is right. THEN, we can indeed get along and move ahead. This is your last opportunity to demonstrate if you are a political party, albeit in shreds, or just a bunch of cowardly losers chained to a cult, agreeable to overlook anything to keep your job.  It’s your call.

      Bill Clontz

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  1. You really spelled out the only course we can take to save the future of this country.
    Sending it round the world,
    Renee Alexander

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