It’s Frivolous Friday! Let us Speak of Tattoos and Travel


As we do from time to time, let’s take a Friday to step back from serious subjects for a little weekend fun.

Today, I pose two questions for you to consider. I am speculating most of us have likely not considered, at least not often, the first one. The second one may have more of a track record with the group. We will see.

You may consider these rather outlandish questions in the privacy of your mind, of course. But this is one post that would be fun for a lot of us to share. REMEMBER: If you print PRIVATE at the end of your comment, I will show you as anonymous before it goes on line. So come on, be brave!


The first question is likely borne out of my experience of living in Asheville. This is a community with a vibrant and interesting artistic, independent streak. One way this is evidenced is in the large number and variety of tattoos in evidence all over the place (and all over the body….). It is not unusual here for a conversation to start with: “Nice ink. Where did you get it done? What is the story behind the design?” I have had many interesting conversations here along these lines.

So, here is Question 1: Assume you are going to get a tattoo. I know, for many of us, that seems a bridge too far. But for our purposes, it would not be permanent unless you wanted it to be. You need feel no social constraints about doing this.

What would you get for your tattoo and where on you would you have it done? Whimsical enough for you?

Think about it a bit and share your ideas. Bonus points if you already have one and wish to share that information.

This is a more interesting question than it might have been even a few years ago. The techniques, artistry, and technology employed today can make for some remarkable images. Here are a few to get your creative juices flowing. Have fun!

Not fair for me to ask without speaking up myself, so here goes. I have two favorites: One is a popular figure in many mythologies, that of a warring angel. Goes well on the left upper arm or shoulder. Example:

Second choice: What if I should suddenly lose my hair (so far, so good….)? I could see a tattoo on the back of my head. It would be of that spinning beach ball that says my computer is working, but this may take a while:

OK, on to a more conventional Question 2:


You have the ability to travel to any one place you choose. Where would you go? No issues of resources or time. It cannot be a return visit, only somewhere you have never been. If you like, also share why this choice.

Where are we going, folks?

For me, I lean toward Antarctica. It is as remote as one can get. It reminds us that life thrives even in the harshest conditions. And (sadly) it may be changing and disappearing forever at a faster pace than we could have imagined.


That’s it for this week, everyone. If you now feel called to go to a tattoo parlor or a travel agent, go with it! Let us know how it all turns out. Even if only make believe, share what comes to mind. You might inspire someone else!

     Bill Clontz

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8 replies to It’s Frivolous Friday! Let us Speak of Tattoos and Travel

  1. My tattoo would be small not for everyone to see and representing my family: The sun, a bright star.

    Niagra Falls on both the Canadian and U.S. sides in the fall is up next on my travel list as I’m drawn to water and nature.

    Thank you for Frivolous Friday!

    • Sounds like a thoughtful choice for a tat. And a good choice of Visiting the Falls. I was up there last Summer. Really impressive. If you go, continue North a bit to the wine country, which is beautiful.

  2. If I was to get a tattoo, it would have meaning to me. it would be a line drawing of the Gutenberg printing press.(for obvious reasons, plus my father was a printer) If a nautical scene, it would be of the HMS Beagle.

    Having been to Paris, I would like to experience the City of Quebec, and secondly to visit Grand Canyon, which I have never seen.

    • Jerry, what an original idea for a tattoo. Terrific idea. I have not seen Quebec either. Go do the Grand Canyon without delay. Book about a year ahead and stay at the El Tovar lodge. You will remember the trip forever.

    • Consider taking the train from Williams to Grand Canyon; it kind of sets the stage for going back in time. Floating down the Colorado for a different point of view; those trips are booked year(s) in advance.

      • Great idea. Of course, taking the train might make you feel you have drifted into an episode of West World!😉

  3. A bird in flight on my forearm so everyone would see it at bridge, ha!
    I would return to New Zealand, Earth’s most beautiful country.
    Bill, do go to Antarctica! It’s awesome.

    • Good choice, Pat. But remember, no repeats on travel! Pick a new place. Anything seem enticing?

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