Let’s Exchange Gifts!


I Have Something for You for the New Year. I ask for TWO gifts from you.

Well, we are deep in the holiday season, so perhaps a couple of gift exchanges might be in order. It is also the end of the year (and the end of the first six months of this blog’s existence), and so a good time to reflect a bit on what we are doing with Agents of Reason.

A Gift of Time

I very much appreciate the feedback many of you have shared over the past few months. You have helped confirm some directions and define some new ones for the blog. This is more appreciated than you might imagine. The whole point of starting all this was to provide a forum for shared thoughts on a wide range of subjects. That remains a work in progress, for sure.

I started this blog with a pace of three posts per week, for the most part. As many of you know, that is a pretty high frequency for a blog, but I thought it important to build a base of communication, determine what resonated with people, and exercise my writing muscles a bit. Time for a little change.

Starting in the new year, I plan to move to a two posts per week model for the most part. One reason for doing so is to put less email in your inbox. You’re welcome. Secondly, I would like to put more time into each post. I want to ensure that the time you invest is worth it for each of you. Third, I have a couple of books that have been rattling around in my head and in outline form for some time now. If they are ever to see the light of day, I need to put some dedicated time into them.

Not One, But TWO Gifts I Ask of You

ONE: I have mentioned from time to time that I receive some delightful (and challenging) emails from a number of you, but only a few are willing to share thoughts in replying on the blog itself. I understand some of us are shy about speaking out, so let me offer an easy solution that will allow others to hear your voice as I do.

Anytime you post a REPLY on the blog, it goes to me for clearance before it is posted. Rest assured I do NOT censor or edit. Having me approve replies ensures we only have real replies and not some misuse of the site. I actually had one that came in early on along the following lines: “Your blog makes a good point. It makes me happy. Almost as happy as the generic Viagra I sell online at a great discount. If you would like to order some…..”  So, yeah, I screen before they are posted, usually within an hour of you making the reply.

HERE IS THE DEAL FOR YOU SHY FOLKS: If you will put the word PRIVATE at the end of your post, I will be glad to change your ID to Anonymous, so you can share your thoughts with assurances of privacy. I like it when you chose to share your name, but if that is problematic for you, let’s go private. Come on, friends – let’s talk.

TWO: I hope you have enjoyed the blog thus far as much as I have. I ask you now to share the blog with someone you know that perhaps thinks like you do and may enjoy joining our little community. I will make this unbelievably easy for you to share, as follows.

On the day after Christmas, you will receive a direct email from me. In it, you will see a short message about the blog, inviting you to share the blog with others. You need only forward the email to a friend (or 5, or 10…) and its done. I hope you will take a moment to do so. We all have much of importance to discuss in the New Year.

So, thanks very much for being a part of this community. Thanks for considering replying on line from time to time and thanks for sharing a link with friends. Look for that email on DEC 26. For the rest of this year, look for a two-part post on cyber security (this will be a defining issue for society in the coming years) and a helpful suggestion or two on New Years resolutions.

Happy holidays, everyone!

    Bill Clontz



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