March 26, 2024

Today a Look at Trump, Health, & Journalism

If (When) Trump Loses, What’s Next?

What about the MAGA “movement?” What about the Republican party? I have long felt that Trump had strong possibilities of flaming out and crashing before (or during) the coming election, and that seems to be coming about. Never write off this guy’s survival instincts, but FINALLY a growing list of well-known Republicans are beginning to speak out and to say they cannot support Trump. We might not be where we are had they found the courage to stand up earlier, but perhaps better late than never.

The falling off of high profile and general public support (at some point, even his fans might notice that almost 20 of his former cabinet offic0e-ers and senior staff have said he is a terrible person unworthy of the presidency), pending trials (many of which may be at least underway before the election), and Trump’s financial woes (even with the break he got from NY court on Monday) are all coming to roost. Some sort of medical problem (stroke, heart attack, mental breakdown) is not all that a remote possibility, one would guess. Stronger men have succumbed under less pressure; Trump likely will cave in at some point.

What was the Republican party is truly gone now, and so it will be interesting to see what the Old Line tries in the way of a new chapter. Trump was around long enough that his followers are all over the state parties and in Congress. Whether they will wither away or find some way to hang on will be something to watch. The country will either continue with a low-grade-to-high infection of this stuff or beat it down so thoroughly in the Fall that it withers away. I am taking no bets either way but am ever so marginally hopeful.

The RNC As Trump’s Bank Account

As predicted, Trump’s team that now controls the Republican National Committee’s donation system, has codified that donations to the RNC are distributed in the following order of priorities: Trump’s presidential campaign, then to Trump’s Save America political action committee, and finally to the RNC to elect down ballot candidates. Money given to the first two can legally be diverted to pay Trump’s legal bills.

The Save America PAC specifically pays Trump’s legal bills. It has already spent $8.5 million on them this year, and its only March. Why anyone but a die-hard Trumper would give a dime to the RNC at this point would be a mystery. The Democrats are already outraising them handsomely – that trend will accelerate.

Health News: Sleep

A fair number of studies are out recently that confirm what we all intuitively know – people need a good dose of sleep every night or health consequences result. We all approach sleep differently. I appreciate a good night’s sleep as much as anyone but have always resented the lost time. For years, I hummed along on 4-5 hours a night. The medical world tells me almost everyone needs at least 7 hours.

Less than 7 hours for many if not most of us gives worse results than actually skipping a night of sleep altogether. So, I am trying my darndest to get more sack time. I bet a lot of you have sleep deficits also. We have to do better, folks. The only thing I hate more than long sleep is naps but am seeing the wisdom of catching a few snooze moments from time to time.

Health News: Vaccinations

The continuing anti-vaccine movement carries a heavy price. In an era of mass communications, social media, and conspiracy theories, we are seeing worrisome rises in children not getting needed vaccinations. True for adults as well, but children are the area of concern. Measles is on something of a rampage now simply because parents are not getting the shots done. Even Tuberculosis is popping back up, as are other diseases we long ago defeated.

In my view, this spread of communicable diseases is the line where individual liberty yields to community safety. I am all for local health authorities and schools to clamp down hard on this unacceptable irresponsibility.

Lessons Learned In Electronic Journalism?

NBC, for reasons that are completely baffling, decided to hire the just fired Chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) as a “news analyst” on NBC TV and MSNBC, for a reported salary of $300,000 a year. To say this was received badly would be an understatement. Much of the rest of the network staff openly rebelled. NBC is trying to punt by saying she will only be on NBC, not MSNBC. Not good enough.

This was someone who led the charges of a stolen election and all the rest of that nonsense. She slammed free media at every chance and lied daily. The fac that she now says the opposite for a paycheck reinforces this is not a serious person. NBC screwed up at an unimaginable level. They need to admit they were wrong and cut the cord, period. Being open to diverse views is one thing (a good thing, actually). Giving yet another microphone to an election denier/JAN 6 supporter just to try getting more viewers is a shameful act. Clean it up, NBC.

See You Next Week

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Bill Clontz

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