Mel Brooks and the Ten Commandments


What if 10 was Not the Right Number of Commandments?


It’s Friday; let’s relax a little today and have some fun. If anyone reading this may have thought I am a sophisticated person, allow me to put that to rest now. Mel Brooks is one of my favorite funny guys. I love his stuff.

One of my all time  favorite Mel Brooks scenes is from his film History of the World, Part I. Check out the film clip for a reminder of the Brooks genre. A bonus is that after the clip, you can watch the movie (and others) get reviewed Siskel and Ebert, even though, as was often the case, they did not agree on the movie. I sure miss those two.

In this scene, Moses is coming down from the mountain carrying THREE stone tablets. As he approaches his people he says,

“The Lord Jehovah has given unto you 15…”

(he then accidently drops a tablet, shattering it, leaving only two tablets) ….

10 – 10 commandments.”

Cracks me up every time. It has become a favorite mental game of mine. What might have been the other 5 commandments on that third tablet? Who knows? Here are my sometimes tongue in cheek guesses.

  1. Thou Shalt Reflect on Why Thy God Hath Given unto You TWO Ears, TWO Eyes, but Only ONE Mouth

  2. Thou Shalt Enter Thine Conversations to Educate and to Be Educated, Not to “Win”

  3. Thou Shalt Not Honor the Designated Hitter, for It Is an Abomination

  4. Thou Shalt Honor the Rule of Two Questions at All Times
    a) How important in life is this issue to me, really?
    b) How important is it to the Other?

  5. Thou Shalt Use Fully the Great Organ Given to Thee (no, not that one – your brain) and Think Critically in All Things

How about You? What are your ideas for the missing 5 commandments? What comes to mind, seriously, sarcastically, or whimsically?  Take a shot at all 5 or fewer, as you wish. You will find this is a fun and self-educational thing to contemplate. I look forward to your suggestions.

         Bill Clontz

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2 replies to Mel Brooks and the Ten Commandments

  1. Thou shall not brag about your children because then they will do something to embarrass you.

    Thou shall not parent your parents; they have one up on you.

    Thou shall not be rude to anyone because you never know when you might need them as Karma always trumps. (Forgive me Father for using that trump word.)

    Thou shall not believe we are special because no one else does.

    Thou shalt laugh at ourselves daily.

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