Pillars for a Better America, Chapter 5

A Series on Priorities for the Biden Administration


Happy New Year, Everyone!

It is indeed a new year, in so many ways. Let’s hope its promise measures up and we Americans measure up to our challenges and opportunities as well. Now, onward with our priorities list for the new administration.

 Pillars for a Better America – Pillars 12-13

This Pillars list will run up until inauguration week. It is not all inclusive, nor is it presented in priority order. These are all important choices for the Biden administration to tackle.

The list is a mix of domestic and international, of national and regional/local issues. The list exists to call out our requirements and shortfalls. It is also exists to encourage dialogue about what we want to be as a country. We have important work calling out to all of us.

What Do We Have So Far?

We have started with the first half of the 21 pillars:

Pillar 1: Hunger is Not Allowed
Pillar 2: Affordable Medical Care and Drugs – No More Excuses
Pillar 3: The Ghost of FDR for Infrastructure and Broad Band
Pillar 4:  Benchmarks for Advancing Out of Poverty
Pillar 5:  Civil Policing
Pillar 6:  Court and Penal Reforms
Pillar 7: Transportation
Pillar 8: Education Costs and Access
Pillar 9: Education for Thinking
Pillar 10: Campaign Reform
Pillar 11: Childcare

Let’s keep working to build our 21 pillars.

Pillar 12: Prioritize Medical Breakthroughs

 So much to discuss in this area, but let’s focus on just a few key areas. One thing I have been raging about for years is how slow the process is to develop and produce vaccines. Science stepped up in 2020 and gave us COVID vaccines in record time. The new processes do not solve all problems (for example, we do not really know yet if the shots not only protect you and also prevent your being a spreader. They likely do that, but we need time to tell for sure). We need to build on this new era and continue improvements. This will not be the last dread communicable disease to stalk our species.

Second, we need breakthroughs on obesity. It is an American pandemic, and one that is spreading globally. So many other medical problems follow. Yeah, we all need better diets and more self-discipline, but we can see how well that works alone. We should be able to crack the code on this one by now. Third, and closely related, how about a real push on breaking addiction?  Some hopeful work is going on. Imagine a world without large scale drug and alcohol addiction. Fourth, Dementia and its evil twin Parkinson’s. These are among the cruelest diseases imaginable. What they do to their victims and their families is unspeakable. This deserves our very best sustained effort.

What is high on your medical breakthroughs list?

Pillar 13: The Environment

Good Grief, where to start? While we have been fighting COVID, the world’s ecology and climate continue to decline. We are literally running out of time. But at least we have an incoming administration that truly seems to get this in all its aspects.

I am encouraged that Biden and Team see this as a stellar opportunity for international leadership, for breakthrough technology, and for millions of excellent jobs and new businesses. A mindset that says this cannot wait AND it is a crisis full of opportunity sounds just about right to me. I am guardedly optimistic.

 We Are at About the 60% Mark on the List

Thirteen pillars established so far, eight more to go. Many of you have sent in thoughtful suggestions for modification and/or additions to the list.  Share your thoughts; they are absolutely welcome.

Thank goodness, COVID inoculations have begun, but we are still in the most dangerous period wherein many Americans kidded themselves and risked exposure. It will be quite a while before inoculations are widespread. We are close to a better day, but not there yet. Stay vigilant, use your brain. Don’t expose the rest of us, please. Every outing carries risk.

Nineteen days until the inauguration.

      Bill Clontz

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  1. Medical breakthrough: a cure for diabetes as I mark 39 years and counting.

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