Random Observations on the World at Large

  1. The Last Few Days Give One Pause to Ask: “Really?”


Almost any week seems surreal these days, especially in the world of politics, but recent days seem even more so.

A Few Examples to Ponder

  • What possible goal does Iran achieve in seizing a British ship? We get it they are not happy about their ship being seized in Gibraltar, but their actions of late seem designed to play into Trump’s hands. They are busily alienating those in the West most interested in salvaging the nuclear deal and all that could flow from that foundation. I cannot decide if their current decisions are hard-liners run amok or just a policy I cannot decipher.
  • The British really are going to name Boris Johnson as their next Prime Minister? Did everyone get amnesia from his time as Mayor of London and Foreign Minister? This guy makes Trump look smooth. Go figure. The United Kingdom is not very united these days. Tough times are ahead. This is painful for friends to watch.
  • Is Trump unaware of how videotape works? He told the world that he disapproved of the “Send them back” chant at a recent rally and said that he spoke quickly to silence the crowd. We all saw the tape where he encouraged this behavior and then stood silent while it raged for almost 15 seconds, a lifetime in such settings. It doesn’t matter, anyway– he took back his “disapproval” within 24 hours.
  • Do Republican politicians really think they cannot condemn the latest from their President and escape being racists themselves by direct association? Trump and his Svengali of Hatred Steven Miller have gone way too far. Between thinly disguised hate rallies and locking up children, no one gets a pass on this any longer. If you don’t outright condemn, you have endorsed. We now know where you stand when it counts.

But on the Good News Front… 

On a happier note, is there anything better than taking a few days off in an atmosphere of deep reflection and profound intellectual stimulation? After a week at the Chautauqua Institution, I am happy to report, nope – there is nothing better. Many of you know Chautauqua already. I had only heard of it. What a remarkable experience. I look forward to sharing more of this with you soon. For now, know that you should go yourself.

Well, on to this week and next. We can look forward to Mueller’s testimony and two nights of presidential candidates debating. What could possibly go wrong?

     Bill Clontz

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