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Some Loose Items in My Head to Close Out the Week


Focus? Nah, Not Today

I attempt most of the time to keep this blog focused on a given topic. But if your brain is like mine, loose change rattles around up there between your ears. Occasionally, enough of it builds up that it needs to be used and removed. Today is such a day.

If there is a connecting thread with what follows, it is not obvious to me. Just wanted to share a few items; real roll of the dice stuff. And to see if you had some to share as well.

Razor Blades and Avocados

By now most of us have heard the joke about talking avocados. If you could hear it, your avocado, the one you just bought, would be telling you, “I’m not ready yet. Not Yet…not Yet…not Yet. Too late….” It does often feel that way, doesn’t it?

Lately, I have noticed d razor blades seem to be following the same path. One day, a blade shaves great – smooth as glass. Next day, same thing. Same for Day 3 – no drag whatsoever. Day 4 – all of a sudden, it’s like shaving with sandpaper. It would be easier and less uncomfortable to pull out whiskers one at a time. What is that all about?

Republican Legislators vs Just About Everyone Else

This week all members of the Republican House member voted against the Covid Relief Bill. Every single one. They voted en masse against a bill supported by 75% of the country. Support includes a host of Republican governors, mayors, and others. The same party at local levels is busily censoring those in their ranks who certified the elections or cited Trump for incitement. Every time a state party does this, a few thousand more voters change their party registration.

So, all in all, are these people actually in this much of an alternative reality? Or do they have a political death wish. If the latter, may their wish be granted. The rest of us have work to do.

 Sucker Plants at the Big Box Stores

My wife and I have noted that something of a false Spring is breaking out in our area. Not unusual to hit the 70’s these day. We also note with amusement that this happens every year pre-Spring. A pattern follows.

The Home Depots and Lowes of the world quickly fill up their outdoor areas with early flowers. People get Spring fever, but the plants and plant them. Shortly thereafter, a freeze or two comes in, killing all those new flowers. Some 2-3 months later, the same people buy more flowers and start over. Every year. Often the same people!

Meetings in the Post-Zoom Era

Everyone speaks of Zoom Fatigue. We actually do miss the human contact of a real, in person meeting. Still…. Just remember. When we start meeting in person again, one must leave a little early to be on time.

You actually have to dress for the meeting. Most importantly, we will have no ability to block our own screen or silence the guy who JUST KEEPS TALKING. Plus, some of us actually look better with masks on our face. I’m just saying….

The Psychological Importance of Seasons

I mentioned earlier our warm weather streak. I live in the mountains, so I am not declaring Winter over yet. But for a while there, it looked like we would have no Winter at all. We finally had a few really cold days and a couple of semi-acceptable snow accumulations.

Amazing what that does for one psychologically. Most of us need the passage of four seasons every year to feel in tune with the Universe. Skip a season and things feel off balance. We lived in Hawaii for several years. Loved the place but missed seasons more than I can express. We need the rhythm of nature.

Three Ugly Strains We May Be Stuck with for Some Time

I continue to believe that Trump is about to run his course. I note, too, that much of the country is far more aware of racial injustice than ever before. Still, the stain of Trump will be with us for some time, maybe permanently.

People who once knew their racists attitudes were unacceptable now feel mainstreamed. People called out for bad behavior or positions are permanent whinners, claiming cancel culture. And some (talking to you, Rep Greene of GA) feel cruelty and callousness are perfectly OK to celebrate. This stuff has always been with us. Thanks to Trump and Friends, it is out front and spreading.

In Praise of Our Species

On the other hand (see last entry, above), our species on more than a few occasions surprises me. People do rise to the occasion. Regular readers know I am not always a big fan of our species. I think it entirely possible we will commit collective suicide. The planet likely would not miss us at all.

And yet. Look at the stories of pandemic compassion, heroism, and selflessness. We see and hear stories daily of people making remarkable, selfless decisions. They do so simply because it is the right thing to do. Heck, we might make it after all.

See you next week. Take care, stay safe, look after each other. In the meantime, what’s on your mind? Any random thoughts to share?

          Bill Clontz

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5 replies to Random – REALLY Random Thoughts

  1. A couple of notes: The avocadoes at Costco do not have this problem. Those things are marvelously trained to be ready when I’m ready.

    Did you see how Tennessee’s Sen. Blackburn began defending Neanderthals because Biden called out Neanderthal-thinking? Sen. Blackburn obviously missed the fact that Neanderthals are EXTINCT probably because of their thinking. Can’t someone lure the Republicans further afield into defending and supporting something that 99% is against. This moment is not far away.

    OK I’m going back to my space now. (Oops speaking of space: if you’re not a Paramount+ subscriber (formerly CBSAllAccess) you might want to sign up now – $10.00 a month and ALL the Trek you could ever want.

    • Been working hard to get a Costco here. Now I have another reason to do so.

      And cannot get too much Trek, can we?

  2. gotta turn it around soon!..the planet is clearly in the process of regurgitating us…same my be true of the repub party..lets hope we will wake up to the well being of all..

  3. I made the mistake one year of planting tomatoes too soon. I did buy more because I wanted tomatoes but never made the too early mistake again. I have been watching my Next Door feed with people asking what others have planted already. Keeping my mouth shut but I noted to myself that we have freezing lows predicted next week. Our last frost date is pretty late, as we are also in the mountains.

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