Taking My Own Advice


A Few Days Ago, I Made a Suggestion to You – It Occurs That It Applies to Me, Too

What Was That Advice, Again?

In a recent post, I pointed out that we are all beginning to get a deluge of information, news, and advice and will be doing so at least until early November. The election season is upon us, a time wherein it is easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of what comes before your eyes.

My advice was to pare back a bit on what you read, focus on reliable sources, and choose what is worth your time and energy to read or listen to in these turbulent but important times. Go easy on yourself, just a bit.

So, What Is My Connection to This?

 I recognize that with a twice a week posting, averaging around 1100 words each, I am a part of that deluge that is upon you. To the extent possible, I would prefer to be more of the solution, rather than the problem. It is always my hope – as it is for every writer- that you find what I publish worth your time and attention, at least most of the time.

But in the spirit of my earlier posting, this is a time wherein quantity is about as important as quality. Volume counts. I should set the example in how to deal with all this.

 Starting Now, A New Approach

So, this week will begin a new approach to Agents of Reason. First, we are going to a once a week format in place of the current twice a week printing. Second, we are moving the publishing day to Monday, still in the morning. The length of an average post will be about the same, although I do intend to tighten up a bit to make a slightly shorter column where I can do so and still make the piece worth reading.

In making these changes, I hope to accomplish two goals:

  • Cut back a bit on the volume in your inbox. Let’s see of we can reduce our frequency and still be online often enough to be current and relevant.
  • By switching to Monday, looking to give you something to think about or work with for the week ahead.
 Let’s Give It A Try; Let Me Know Your Thoughts

I hope this change in approach proves useful and helpful to you. As we proceed, let me know, by posting in the COMMENT section or by email if you wish, how the new format works for you.

The plan as of now (“Plan” may be too strong a word – I am just thinking out loud as much as anything). I expect to stick with these changes at least through the general election in November. We can all take stock after the election and reflect on sticking with the new format or going back to the old one, or some as yet unknown third option.

This does not, of course, prohibit the occasional extra posting, as events and interests make viable. But for the most part, I am going to try being a little lighter and a bit less frequent.  My expectation is that the blog will continue to cover a lot of different areas, but given the calendar, most posts will continue to focus on things political and the nature of our society.

See you next week, bright and early Monday morning.

Oh, and a closing note. Please do not forget that your suggestions for topics or issues to address are always welcome.

            Bill Clontz

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4 replies to Taking My Own Advice

  1. Always enjoy your comments. Not a lot of people comment back so I have been hesitant to do so.

    • Thanks, Deb. Your comments are always welcome here. Yes, people are shy and tend to comment by return email rather than the COMMENT block. I am grateful for those who do use this COMMENT block, as it shares the conversation and everyone’s thoughts. Thank you!

  2. Your posts are nearly a perfect length–long enough to treat the topic and short enough to actually read. I’ve been involved in a blog like this myself and I can tell you that, aside from all your reasons to reduce frequency, actually WRITING two a week is hard. I think you can give yourself a break that way, too. I probably also ought to point out that I appreciate your take on the topics you write about, and it’s not just because I nearly always agree. 🙂

    • Really kind words from a source that has my highest respect. Thank you! Actually, when I started this, I posted 3 days a week, largely to get the rhythm gaining. Boy, did that next post come around quickly. I enjoy doing the work, but really feel everyone needs a little less in their reading bin just now.If you start blogging again (have some time and energy coming up soon!), sign me up for sure.

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