The Phantom Post!

Where IS that Texas Article?

A few of you were kind enough to pass on that you received an email yesterday announcing a post in Agents of Reason about Texas. You clicked on the link and found no such article. What happened? Has Texas actually left the Union, taking the article with it?

No such worries. Yours Truly hit the wrong button yesterday during drafting of said article and accidentally hit SEND before it was ready. I deleted the article, but could not recall the notice. My apologies for the false alarm.

Our discussion of Texas is alive and well (which is more than we can say for the state) and will appear in your inbox next Monday, SEP 20th. Thanks for your patience. Sorry about the false alarm.

2 replies to The Phantom Post!

  1. Of course, I was sure it was my fault and wasnt going to bother you with it.

    • Kind of you to think so, but definitely my error. First time I have done that in about 4 years. Guess I was due.

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