In Case You Missed Them, a Few Indications This Week That Our Species Has a Bell Curve

What a Week That Was

I generally have the next 2-3 blogs outlined a few days ahead of time. On occasion, events cause me to bump the order of things, but for the most part, the system allows me to give some time and thought to what shows up in your inbox. That was the plan for today.

I have indeed given much thought to this posting, but it is not the one I started with originally. No, events that paraded into my ears and eyes from the internet and TV, stopped me in my tracks. This past week I found myself asking loudly (not a good sign when you find yourself yelling at the TV. Come on, you do it too), What the hell is WRONG with you people?

At this point, it seems beyond imagination that anyone could honestly still believe Trump on anything, less more be inclined to vote for him, but they are still out there, in some numbers. The following events of this week make me wonder how that is actually possible.

The Pandemic Task Force

The federal Pandemic Task Force held a press conference last week – first one in a long time. Foolishly, I tuned in to hear what they might have to say. I was met by Mike Pence doing the most improbable performance anyone in politics has ever done.

To paraphrase him (not by much, almost direct quotes): We are doing great, we flattened the curve, states all over the country are opening up safely, all is well because of Donald Trump’s leadership. Let’s all do the things we should do (but don’t say the word “mask.”).

A reporter mentioned afterwards that he felt like he had just come from the set of a movie being made of Orwell’s 1984. I had exactly the same feeling. Half the country is in a surge, Florida alone had 9,000 new cases reported in that one day.  I have seen my share of double-talk and disingenuousness, but this was unworldly.

I cannot imagine how anyone with an IQ above 75 and any shred of conscience could have stood there and did what he did. Power must really be addictive. The only solace is that when this is all over, Pence will rank somewhere below Dan Quale in the pantheon of VP/wanna be VP nonentities.  His family must be ashamed.

Speaking of the Pandemic

We now have the world’s worst record in every measurement of the pandemic. All of them. And it is just starting a real surge into previously untouched areas. We are nowhere near the top of the curves coming in infections and hospitalizations. Deaths are down a bit as a ratio, but that too will catch up. Europe is about to open its doors again, but not to Americans. Who could blame them?

And yet Trump continues to pretend it’s all OK and will be over shortly. There is no planning, zero leadership, no coordination in any area. Scientists and medical specialists are leaving the government in droves because they cannot do their work. Just last week, one agency gave out guidance that no documents will be issued containing the term “Covid-19.” They can only refer to “current circumstances.” This is like climate change all over again. North Korea would be envious.

It is clear there will be no leadership until Trump leaves the White House. This thing will burn through America with a vengeance, largely unchecked. Tens of thousands of deaths that were/will be avoidable will instead add to the body count. I have never, ever seen so complete a lack of leadership at any level. It is stunning in its depth and completeness.

The Governors of Texas and Arizona 

These two states are drowning in virus cases. Houston may soon have the worst rate of any city in the world. Texas is running out of medical capacity. So too is Arizona which appears to be on course to have the worst rates in the country.

Abbot at least admitted he opened too much too soon and took some remedial steps, but not enough. His counterpart in Arizona still refuses to mandate any meaningful steps. Apparently not enough people are dead yet to move him.

Every state that opened too much, too soon: your so-called leaders failed you for the most craven, unacceptable reasons. The science was clear, the data understandable. But they chose to sacrifice you. Return the favor when you vote. Let every politician know going forward, this kind of failure carries a price.

Asking the Supreme Court to Kill Health Care Coverage

In the middle of a 100-year pandemic, when unemployment is higher than it has been in 100 years (and thus millions have lost their health insurance), the Administration goes to the Supreme Court to kill off Obama care.

That makes absolutely no sense morally, politically, or economically. Three- and one-half years into this administration and they still have no alternative for what they seek to end. This is what stupid looks like on steroids.

Overlooking Russian Bounties on Our Soldiers

Reports at the end of the week say that the Russians put a bounty on US troops in Afghanistan and that Trump knew it since March. Trump says he never was briefed on it. Who do you believe? Yeah, me too. If anything, he just did not read the brief.

OK, you know it now. What are you going to do about it? Putin would do this only because he knows Trump and apparently has Trump’s gonads firmly in his grip. Any president who would not hit back fast and hard should resign. This is another scenario that should be unimaginable; now it rings all too true.

Millennials at Bars and Beaches:

The virus is spreading apparently because a lot of young people think they are invulnerable. Think again – we will start seeing stories of suffering and death in quantity in the coming days. But even if they were impervious, we know you could be a carrier, endangering others who are not so invulnerable.

What sort of a delusional person thinks that is not the case? How selfish could one be to blow off that personal responsibility?

I have long thought that Millennials got an unfair portrayal in the popular mind. I am beginning to rethink my position.

Cops Who Have Not Gotten the Word

We are still seeing police officers on a maddingly frequent basis killing young Black men and women. Over and above the wrongness of this, one would think that by now, the word would be getting through that body cameras work, people are everywhere with phone cameras, and a lot of cops are being fired, arrested and charged. More are on the way.

Bad cops seem to think nothing has changed. Historically, they could be forgiven for thinking that, but this time, I think history had caught up with them. The power to use coercion and deadly force in the name of society is a somber responsibility. We still have too many who don’t get it. Now society is beginning to get them.

Thank You

I needed to rant a bit. Too much that was too unreal and too unacceptable piled up in one short week. I feel better. I hope you do, too. When we stop getting angry about all this, the forces of evil win. America is better than this. We must be better than this.

In case you were wondering, November 3rd is 127 days away.

     Bill Clontz

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3 replies to The Question of the Day: WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!

  1. Thanks for the rant Bill. I feel better already! I’m beginning to think a parallel universe exists where facts have different meanings. Unbelievable!!.

  2. OMG Bill I am so glad to know I am not the only one wondering how people can overlook so much pretense and still walk upright. How can we help our fellow citizens better engage their minds and hearts?

    • Love the “walk upright” comment. Made my day with a good laugh (and truth).

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