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It All Comes Down to Today


Today is Election Day. Millions and millions of votes have already been cast. The last of them will be done early tonight. Then begins the count, the worries, the hopes. There is not much more to say at this point. Now we see what happens. More talk is wasted breath today.

Like you, I worry a lot about the machinations of the Trumpsters and their supporters. Between intimidation and administrative power or friendly judges, there are people intent on stealing this election. By this point, I expect most of them think they cannot win a fair election. So, they are making other plans.

But I am also inspired, awed in some cases, in what seems to be a popular uprising. People are determined to vote. They will be heard. They are making a stand. The intimidation and obstacles seem to mostly have made them even more determined. The numbers are almost unbelievable, in every category.

None of us know at this point how things will end, but l am hopeful. Should Biden win, he may well do so in a big way, including colleagues in many state and local races. Biden will have a remarkably diverse and young cadre to start Building Back Better. The challenges are real – including infighting, which will surely pop up. But the potential, the prospects are spectacular.

Here We Stand

If you have already voted, thank you. If you have not, for any reason, put this article down, get up and go vote – now. Whether you have voted or not, ask around you who has not, encourage them to do so right now, help them as you can.

In a matter of hours and days, we will know if this is the beginning of the end of a terrible period in American history and a new start. Or not. It really is up to us.

Let’s see if we are up to it.

Bill Clontz, Founder, Agents of Reason     Bill Clontz

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