Well, Here We Are

Uh, just Where Are We, Again?


Take a Deep Breath

As this is being written Thursday evening, trends are really good in Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. It’s not even completely out of the box in North Carolina.

But we don’t know what we don’t know. By the time you read this, Biden-Harris may be at or over 270 electoral college votes. But it may take a few more days yet.

Let’s pace ourselves for now and let the votes settle in. Once that is done, we have a TON to talk about for what our future looks like, what this election told us about ourselves, and more.   will note, that some of us are talking in small groups and reflectively, and that has been healthy. Keep it up. We have much to celebrate, much to marvel about, and much to regret as a nation.

Complicated stuff, this democracy. For a few more days, let’s do less talking  on large scale and big platforms and do more reflecting. Besides, its darn hard to type with all these crossed fingers.

Focus, relax, think about the future. Let’s talk next week by which time a lot more will be settled.

Oh, and midterm elections are only 24 months away.

      Bill Clontz

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